Weight Loss Tips – Love Food for Thought

Have you ever noticed that a meal you really loved, one you really enjoyed also seemed to fill you up? I can’t remember eating a meal I loved and being hungry afterwards. Well you may not be surprised to know that food you love is more nutritious for you than food you eat out of habit or food you don’t like. Do out thoughts change the food? Maybe. But our thoughts definitely change what our bodies do with the food. Here’s a brief explanation of why you need to love your food for your food to love you.

Weight Loss TipsWeight Loss Tips – Love and Digestion

Your digestive system begins in the mouth. The mouth absorbs 90% more vitamins and minerals than the stomach and intestines combined! That’s why our Weight Loss Tips starts by explaining what love does for your digestive system and your mouth.

So let’s see what happens when you love you food:

First you look forward to your food. You smell it. You savor the aromas. You love the way it looks, it smells, you anticipate the taste. All of these actions switch on the digestive system starting in the mouth. Your mouth gets ready for a taste sensation, by producing saliva and enzymes that will help digestion. You will start getting the love and benefit of the food you are eating from the very first bite! You food will provide your body with the building blocks its needs and the food will be a magical metabolism booster to keep you happy and healthy.

When you appreciate your food you chew it properly. You savor the taste and taste each morsel. This is actually essential for digestion. The stomach can only extract the nutrients it needs from your food if the food has been chewed properly. So appreciating how your food tastes, taking the time to eat slowly and love you food means your food will love you back by releasing the nutrients your body really needs. And when you’ve provided the body with the nutrients it needs then the body doesn’t crave those nutrients again which means you stay full, satisfied and healthy.

Weight Loss Tips: Love turns off flight or flight and switches on rest and digest

Most people today have heard of fight or flight. We associate fight or flight with stress and with the stress we live with today. But most people don’t realize that fight or flight switches off the digestive system. When the body is in fight or flight, circulation is focused on the limbs to make sure we can run away. The digestive and metabolic processes are switched off or decreased during fight or flight.

That’s why eating on the run is pointless and counter-productive. If you’re eating while you in fight or flight mode, your digestive system is not set up to get the full nutritional benefit from your food. So how do you get from fight or flight to rest or digest. This weight loss tips is the simplest one ever:

Take a deep breath through your nose, and focus on loving your food.

Breathing though the nose switches helps to switch the body from fight or flight to rest and digest. Loving your food, appreciation, looking forward to your food are emotions and states of mind that will switch you from stressed to relaxed in other words they will switch on rest or digest and they will switch on digestion. I am working on a course that will teach you different techniques to help you switch on the digestive system, but for now, if you want to get healthy, if you want to lose weight, if you want to get more energy from your food, then:

  1. Don’t eat on the run
  2. Pay attention to your food
  3. Love what you eat and eat what you love
  4. Appreciate your food – it gives you life
  5. Listen to your body – it will tell you what to eat

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