Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – a Winning Combo

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – What Turmeric does for Cancer Patients

Turmeric is a yellow spice that provides the distinctive and delicious flavors in most curries and Indian dishes. But turmeric is more than just a humble flavor for curries. In fact it is a real superhero spice for patients fighting cancer because turmeric contains an ingredient that flights inflammation and pain, that support the detox process in the body and that actually kills cancer cells so it supports the therapies you have chosen for use to fight cancer whether those therapies are natural or mainstream therapies.

Turmeric is often used as a healing spice by Ayurveda healers and has been used as a healing spice for centuries by natural healers. Turmeric has however made a name for itself in scientific circles too. There are current lots of ongoing clinical trials and studies for using turmeric as an alternative treatment for cancer, diabetes, and for many other diseases and ailments.

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – How Turmeric Helps you Fight Cancer

Every successful cancer care plan should include strategies to fight the nine key areas that affect cancer. These nine key areas include: inflammation, detoxification, the immune system, nutrition, balancing blood sugar levels, regulating pH and acidity, ensuring good quality and quantity of sleep, supporting the lymphatic system and reducing stress. Each of these areas can either contribute to cancer starting, growing or spreading so it is important to create a cancer care plan that includes all of these areas.

Turmeric is a powerful cancer ally because it actually helps fight or improve five of the nine key areas in fighting cancer. Turmeric regulates blood sugar. It improves nutrition by improving digestion. It is well known as an inflammation fighter. Turmeric helps the body to detoxify. Turmeric also fights cancer itself.

Here is a video on turmeric and cancer treatment. Sign up for the FREE Cancer Fighting Foods course here.

Anti Cancer Foods 2 – Turmeric PDF

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – Turmeric fights inflammation

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment

Inflammation causes cancer. It helps create an environment that is perfect for cancer to start. Inflammation also creates an environment where cancer is encouraged to grow. Inflammation helps the tumor create its own blood supply which helps cancer grow. Finally, inflammation help cancer spread through a process called metastasis.

Cancer also creates its own inflammation. That is why it is essential to take steps to fight inflammation. If you are killing cancer cells but not fighting inflammation then you are fighting a losing battle because new cancers can be forming as fast as you kill the old ones.

The research and studies on turmeric show that is a powerful anti-inflammatory food and that it is excellent at fighting inflammation.

Some of the studies on turmeric and cancer treatment show:

  • Turmeric reduces inflammation – According to the Alternative Medicine Review Volume 14, Number 2 2009
  • Turmeric was as effective as some NSAID drugs like ibuprofen in reducing inflammation

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – Turmeric Aids Detoxification

Detox is another vital key for a successful cancer care plan. The liver is the main laboratory in your body. It produces most of the chemicals you need to survive. It produces all the energy you need to survive. It produces all the building blocks to build new cells. It filters three pints of blood per minute! It filters out toxins including cancer and dead cancer cells. And cancer puts extra strain on your liver. That is why detox is essential in a good cancer care plan because as you kill cancer cells toxins build up in the body. This is part of why you feel so sick from the side effects of treatment too. So detox will help you minimise side effects from treatment and help the liver filter out the dead cancer cells to remove them from the body.

Turmeric is a powerful way to help the body detox. Studies on turmeric and cancer treatment and how it aids the liver and detox include:

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – Turmeric Aids Nutrition

Nutrition is another vital key because nutrition provides the body with building blocks it needs to create new healthy cells to replace the cancer cells. Turmeric aids digestion by improving the absorption of nutrients from food.

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – Turmeric and Blood Sugar Regulation

Blood sugar is another key to fighting cancer. It is essential to regulate blood sugar levels to avoid insulin spikes and to stop glucose areas from developing within the body. Cancer loves glucose and high glucose environments encourage the start of cancer. Insulin spikes cause inflammation and inflammation causes cancer. So blood sugar is one of the keys to fighting cancer.

Turmeric is very good at regulating blood sugar levels. In fact, it is being tested as an alternative for diabetes patients for type 2 diabetes.

Here is some of the research on turmeric and cancer treatment and blood sugar levels:

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – Turmeric is also a powerful anti-cancer food

Finally a number of studies show that turmeric is actually a powerful anti-cancer food because it prevents cancer and also has the power to kill cancer cells. Studies on turmeric used to prevent and fight cancer include studies done on breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer and colorectal cancer.

Here are some specific studies on turmeric and cancer treatment:

Turmeric and Cancer Treatment – Adding Turmeric to your Anti-Cancer Diet

Now that you know how turmeric can help you fight cancer, let’s take a look at how to add Turmeric to your anti-cancer diet.

You can add the spice to your dishes – to make curry and other spicy dishes.

You can make golden milk and drink golden milk everyday – which is a really good addition to a comprehensive cancer care plan. The free Cancer fighting foods course has a PDF that will teach you how to make your own golden milk.

You can buy turmeric as a supplement from health stores to ensure you get enough turmeric whilst fighting cancer.

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