3 Signs of Cancer in Women That We Tend Celebrate or Ignore

3 Signs of cancer in women

Everyone will agree and that early detection of cancer can be the key to nipping the disease in the bud. Treating stage one of two cancer can often lead to beating the disease entirely and early treatment can reduce the type of therapy you need. It is also well-known that women are far better than men at paying attention to their bodies and seeking professional advice when something seems “off”. Call it intuition or put it down to being “detail” orientated or the gathers of the hunter gatherers, it is well known that women geSigns of Cancer in Woment help before men. But there are a few signs of cancer that women seem to routinely ignore and paying attention to them can make the difference between early diagnosis of the disease.

Unexplained Weight Loss as Signs of Cancer in Women

Call me crazy, but I have celebrated the scale going down in the past without really thinking about why I have suddenly lost a few pounds. I suppose if you think about it, unexplained weight loss should be seen as a serious sign of something that could be wrong.

I know I’ve been delighted at weight loss in the past, but I know now that I will pay far more attention to the scale as an indication of a possible disorder. Far from looking a gift horse in the mouth, your body is built to remain healthy and any major change in the body should be seen in context. If you’ve been cutting the carbs and hitting the gym then you deserve every pound you shed, but when you suddenly begin to lose weight and you haven’t made any major changes then you should pay attention and make an appointment with your physician to look for the underlying cause. Unexplained weight loss is not only a sign of cancer in women but can also be an indication of an over active thyroid.

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Fatigue as Signs of Cancer in Women

Another symptom that seems to evade our radar is fatigue. Most mothers, sisters and daughters I know already do amazing things everyday. We hold down full-time jobs, take care of the family, make sure everyone has lunch for school and the right dinner, take care of the house and the dishes and are there for the friend who needs a lift to the clinic so its no wonder we are tired, but fatigue and constant fatigue can be an early warning sign that something is wrong.

Next time you wake up more tired than you were when you went to sleep. don’t just assume you are burning the candle at both ends so to speak. Make sure your fatigue has a logical source and if it doesn’t then you should consider making an appointment with your physician.

Fatigue is not only a symptom of cancer but can be a sign of various underlying conditions and most of them are really easy to diagnose and treat. And let’s face it, with the list of never ending tasks to get done, we can’t really spare the time for fatigue anyway so if you are struggling with constant fatigue then make an appointment and find the cause. Who knows – a simple multivitamin may be all that you need to take, to resume your position as supermom again.

Bloating as Signs of Cancer in Women

Another sign we tend to ignore is bloating. Once again, most of us face bloating quite regularly. We see it, or rather I saw it as part of getting older as a women. They key to bloating is finding the underlying cause of your bloating. If you begin to pay attention, you may find that you are more bloated at “that time of the month”which is fine. You may also find that certain foods have the potential to blow you up like a balloon. If you love them, then living with a little bloating may be well-worth it.

But don’t lose track of the bloating because once again persistent bloating may be a sign of GI cancer so if you are constantly bloated for no reason then it’s best to consult your doctor. Bloating may be the symptom of a simple underlying condition. I was given a course of probiotics that improved my digestion and relieved the discomfort so treatment was easy and well worth it. But don’t ignore it, just because it doesn’t cause that much discomfort.

Signs of cancer in womenWhat to do if you are diagnosed with cancer

  1. Don’t panic.
    I know it’s easy to say and when faced with a possible death sentence or expiration date, the first thing everyone does is panic. But the truth is that mindset is almost as important as the therapy you choose, so once you’re over the shock of the diagnosis, you need to find positive ways to change your mindset.
  2. Know you are not alone.
    One in three people are diagnosed with cancer these days. Find the support in your community. Speak to others and learn from their experience. Life is too short to only learn from your own mistakes so speak to others. Find out who they trust, who helped them beat the disease. Who they learned from. The placebo effect has a huge part to play in beating cancer. And the Nocebo effect – the effect of minimizing treatment efficacy because you don’t trust your doctor – can play an even bigger role in how successful you are at curing your cancer.
  3. Start learning about the disease.
    The truth is that mainstream therapies like Chemo, radiation and surgery may be beneficial in the short term but to beat this disease in the long run you need to understand the disease and understand the factors that led you to be susceptible to it in the first place. It’s not your fault but you do have control over what you put into your body and that will make the difference in the long run.

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The most important thing is to pay attention to the signs of cancer in women and to catch the disease early.

If you are struggling with the disease, then you may want to investigate Essiac. Essiac is a blend of herbs that was used by Nurse Caisse in the early 1900’s to help to promote health for cancer patients.

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