Restless Legs Treatment – The Model SA for Drug Free Painless Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome

Do your restless legs …

 Legs1 Cause you to suffer from insomnia or sleepless nightsCause night-time movementCause crawling or itching sensations that are driving you mad


Cause cramps or muscle tightening for no reason


Cause irritating or strange sensations in your legs


Let the Restless Leg Model SA – the top device for restless legs treatment – end your suffering for good.

The Restless Leg Model SA uses state of the art Rife therapy combined with a magnetic element to offer the best of both worlds in terms of the latest PEMF technology and frequency medicine. The frequencies and magnetic component work together to improve circulation and remove toxins to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.


“Restless Leg Syndrome has affected both my home and work life. I was so grateful for the relief offered by the Model SA. Thank you for changing my life.” Mosselbay, South Africa

Therapy is pain free and drug free one session a day will help you relieve the symptoms and pain that results from restless leg syndrome.

“I thought I would have to live with these irritating twerks and twitches for the rest of my life but two weeks using the Model SA, and I am symptom free. Thank you.” Johannesburg, South Africa

The Restless Leg Model SA

offers effective relief from

Restless Leg Syndrome


The Model SA restless legs treatment device is not a toy or gimmick but is based on years of research and scientific study. More and more studies are showing that PEMF can be useful for pain, arthritis and many other conditions.


Now the technology is available in a simple home restless legs treatment device that will place treatment for restless Leg Syndrome at your fingertips.

Buy with confidence.

The Restless Leg Model SA is sold with a 30 Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee – just return the device and we will refund your purchase price – no questions asked.



Advantages of using the Model SA include:


CheckMarkRapid Relief
One session a day has been found to drastically reduce or completely remove restless leg syndrome symptoms

CheckMarkConvenient comfortable treatment

Use the Model SA in the convenience of your own home. You can even treat yourself whilst watching television.

CheckMarkVery Easy to Use

The Restless Leg Model SA is really simple to use. Just plug in and place your feet on the instrument

CheckMarkDrug Free Pain Free

The Restless Leg Model SA is uses frequencies and the magnetic component so it is drug free and pain free

CheckMarkRisk Free

All of our instruments are backed by our money back guarantee and lifetime warranty


Millions of people around the world suffer from this sometimes irritating, sometimes debilitating condition. Don’t …


  • Lose anymore sleep due to restless leg syndrome


  • Suffer from the constant irritation of RLS


  • Allow RLS to be a source of embarrassment


  • Suffer from the pain or cramps caused my RLS


Order your Restless Leg Model SA today from
Available for SALE anywhere or for SALE or Rental in South Africa



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