Is it Possible to Improve Health and Lose Weight Without Changing Diet?

It sounds to good to be true, but according to the One Minute Metabolism, you can indeed lose weight and improve health and well-being without changing your diet! It actually makes sense when you think about it. If you’ve lived a little, you could probably think back to a time when you were happiest – when you had just found the one you want to be with for the rest of your life, or when you went on a spectacular holiday and when you think back to that time, I bet you, you would have lost weight or improved your overall health during that period.

Why? Because it turns out your body is built to work that way. There is sound scientific basis for believing that your thoughts and your belief play more than merely a mental role in your health, well-being and weight loss.

The question is: how do you recreate those “perfect” moments to harness the power of these thoughts to improve your health and weight loss. Well, this is also actually easier than you think.

First I want to share with you, how thoughts manifest within the body and what role they play in your health and metabolism. It turns out that thoughts turn off the fight or flight syndrome within the body. It is actually quite simple to understand. When we feel threatened, alarmed, or when we feel negative emotions, the body automatically goes into fight or flight mode – to protect us from the threat. We evolved in the jungles and deserts and when we were threatened, our lives were at stake – literally.

In order to survive, the body evolved a way of making sure we had the energy to either run away or stand and fight – the fight or flight response. This response in the body starts off with the release of cortisol. Cortisol tells the body that we are under attack. Cortisol is essential for survival and it is the hormone that gives mother’s that “super strength” ability to lift a car when a child is stuck underneath for example. The problem with cortisol is that it does a whole lot of things in the body which are great for short-term energy or strength but terrible for weight loss or long term health.

Weight Loss Oxytocin

In terms of long term health, cortisol actually switches off the immune system and changes the way we digest food. When we are under attack we need carbohydrates to give us energy. We don’t need proteins or fats because there is no point spending precious energy on proteins and fats to build new cells and keep us healthy if a lion eats us. So constant high levels of cortisol cause us to digest carbohydrates, make them available and store them. A knockout blow for any weight loss attempt and terrible for long term health and well being. That is why cortisol is so detrimental to weight loss.

So how do you switch off the cortisol. It is impossible to avoid all stress in your life. We live in very stressful times. That doesn’t mean there is no hope though. There are proven scientific ways to switch off cortisol and to switch on the opposite of cortisol – called oxytoxin.

Oxytocin actually switches on metabolism, improves digestion and improves the immune system. So if you are trying to improve health and well-being then oxytocin should be your best friend.

How do you switch on Oxytocin?

There are a number of ways to switch off cortisol and switch on oxytocin. You could fall in love. Oxytocin is the love hormone. It is the hormone that makes up feel so great – and not only feel great emotionally but actually makes us feel great physically.

Learn to breathe properly. Certain breathing techniques actually switch off cortisol and switch on oxytocin.

Learn to control your reaction to stress and learn to control your stress level.

There is one fail safe way to change your state from flight or flight to “rest and digest” every time you eat. The one minute metabolism gives you full details of this method and I would highly recommend reading the book.

In less than sixty seconds you can change your state from cortisol to oxytocin when it matters most – digest more and therefore have to eat less!

To get your copy of the One Minute Metabolism, click here now.

Yours in Love and Light


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