Pay it Forward

Fat Busting Foods

Fat Busting Foods – Your DIY Diet guide

To buy your copy of Fat Busting Foods and become part of our pay it forward program, use the button below to make your purchase.

It is important to make a note of your System ID – this is needed to register your program.

To get a copy of your System ID, start your fat busting guide and click the copy button, or write down the system ID.

The full version includes:

  • The six day fat busting workbook – a step by step guide to creating your own designer fat busting diet

  • The weekly fat busting journal – to keep track of your progress

  • Cheat sheets on which foods and herbs help for which conditions.

  • All the awesome fat busting recipes

  • All of the scientific and know how articles

  • Free updates as we extend the guide to include more interesting articles and research

  • Free weekly supercharged recipe ideas

  • Free access to the recipe videos we are currently creating

  • Free registration as a fat busting foods ambassador so you can be rewarded for paying it forward.

Pay it forward

If you have come to realize how powerful the one minute challenge is, and how powerful the guide is in changing your life, then I know you will be eager to tell your friends. I want you to be rewarded for doing this. My intention with this guide was to help as many people as I can – which is why most of the guide is free and also why we have set up a system for people to get the guide – even if they can’t afford to purchase it. If you can’t afford the purchase price, we have set up a system of “paying it forward” so you can get credits which will allow you to download your very own copy. You can register on our site as a fat busting foods ambassador and then for every guide which is purchased due to your promotion, you will get credits towards your own guide. And that’s not all …

What you will receive for paying it forward

  • You will receive a 30% commission for each guide that is purchased due to your efforts.
  • You will receive an overriding commission of 10% for each of your friends who become ambassadors through you.
  • And you will receive a further 5% commission for any friends they sign upSo if 5 of your friends buy the guide, and they each tell five of their friends and those tell 5 of their friends, 10 times … you could earn over a $1600.00! And you would have helped THOUSANDS to get healthier and happier.
    And to top it all – we supply you with all the articles, facebook posts, pictures, pin interests pictures, tweets and other information you may need to help you pay it forward.

Join the Ambassador program now.

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