MRSA Treatment – Ancient drug may be the key to modern epidemic

MRSA Treatment – The modern man made epidemic

The mrsa epidemic is worse than SARS and you won’t hear about the mrsa treatment! In 2003, the SARS pandemic had the world on edge. People were buying face masks and preparing for the worst. I know. I was in Taiwan at the time and it was quite frankly one of the scariest times of my life. Every country sat glued to the news about SARS and its spread. The truth about SARS – available from Wiki – is that the disease affected 8273 people and that 775 died of SARS.

mrsa treatment map CDC

mrsa treatment map CDC

Now if the media reported an infection this year that would kill over 60 000 people and that a further 370 000 would be infected I KNOW I’d be terrified. But they won’t. Why? One can only speculate on the reasons but I would guess that Big Pharma and the dollars they get for all the antibiotics they sell would be one reason. Another would be that they don’t have a drug that can cure it …. yet and the mrsa treatment that works means less profit for them. But I am sure as soon as they find a way to patent a cure, it will be headline news.

The really petrifying thing is that the figures quoted above are not only real, the 60 000 deaths are in the US alone! The figures are worse than that. In a report published by the European CDC, the CDC report alarming spread and increase of antibiotic resistant infections.  If this map were on CNN we would all be petrified. (The map below is from the CDC report – available here).

This epidemic is caused by MRSA and “officially” there is no mrsa treatment. Essentially the epidemic is as a result of the overuse of antibiotics. As we use more and more antibiotics, the infections/bacteria and viruses are adapting and becoming immune to the drugs. And once they are immune to the drugs and spread – there is just no stopping them. These infections are killing thousands of people and infecting hundreds of thousands of people and they are becoming such a big concern that even the CDC are labelling them as a “global major health problem”.

MSRA Treatment – The studies that they won’t tell you about

There is however some light at the end of this gloomy, Michael Chrichtonesque tunnel – silver! A recent study proves that colloidal silver or ionic silver is an effective mrsa treatment. Not only does silver make antibiotics up to 1000 times more effective at doing their job, but silver also somehow “re-activates” antibiotics so that they are able to kill the antibiotic  resistant strains as well. A completely effective mrsa treatment in other words.

Essentially that means that taking silver whilst taking regular antibiotics makes the drugs more effective and helps to kill the infection – even msra infections! In fact it was reported that : “…[N]ot only did silver boost the ability of a broad range of commonly used antibiotics so as to stop mice dying of otherwise lethal infections, but it made at least one resistant bacterium succumb to antibiotics again. The addition of silver also broadened the effect of vancomycin, an antibiotic that is usually only effective at killing Gram-positive bacteria like Staph and Strep; aided by silver it killed Gram-negative bacteria such as those that cause food poisoning and dangerous hospital-acquired infections.”

So why won’t we hear about this mrsa treatment? Because silver is too cheap, it can’t be patented and so big pharma will suppress it via the media. Until they figure out a drug they can patent and make for huge profits of course. In the meantime thousands die and hundreds of thousands suffer.

So if you know anyone with an infection that just won’t heal, please share this effective mrsa treatment with them. It could save their lives.

To read about siloxit water or gel to help with mrsaa treatment, click here.

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