Magical Metabolism Boosters

When people think of “metabolism” they generally think of weight loss. But metabolism is so much more than weight loss. Weight loss is merely one of the “symptoms” of your metabolism.

Metabolism BoostersMetabolism actually refers to all the life-sustaining chemical transformations that occur in these glorious vehicles we call out bodies. How much energy you have, how well your cells are repaired and replaced, how good you feel and how healthy you are, are all symptoms of your metabolism.

And you are in complete control of your metabolism. You decide how well your body functions. You can choose what metabolism you have. I know it sounds crazy right now, but even if you were born with a “slow” metabolism or have bad genes, there are simple things you can do to improve, alter, and speed up your metabolism to put yourself firmly on the road to health and well being.

Some of the simple things I am referring to are as simple as loving your food, appreciating your food, taking the time to savour your food. In the blog posts that follow, I will teach you how simple it is to switch on your magical metabolic switch. And the magic is that it has very little to do with what you are eating! It has lots to do with how you are eating it! And I am not talking about a fancy diet, strange ingredients or way out eating plans.

The truth is that we have been told this since time immemorial how to switch on our own inner health and well-being. Even the bible says, its not what you eat so much as how you eat it. 1 Timothy 4: 4-5 says about the food we eat:

“For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.”

In other words, everything is good as long as you are grateful for it. I mean really grateful. Here’s a quick experiment of what I am talking about.

Your Magical Metabolism Boosters Experiment

I want you to close your eyes for a second and imagine your favorite meal. Anything you want. Ice-cream, a chocolate, a steak with cheese sauce. Anything you really love. I want you to imagine savoring it. Tasting it. Loving each bite of it.

Now notice what’s happened: Your mouth is watering. Your stomach may be growling. That’s it! You’ve switched on your digestive system. That is the first step in switching on your metabolism. Its no good eating if you don’t digest the food and you won’t digest it and get the nutrients from your food if you don’t love your food first!

In the next few blogs I will be showing you EXACTLY how to switch on your metabolism and digestion to start you on your path to health and well being and energy you won’t begin to believe.

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