Lycopene Prostate cancer prevention and Treatment

Lycopene Prostate Cancer Prevention – The Case for Lycopene Supplementation

You may have read a lot about tomatoes and cancer or the use of lycopene to help to prevent or treat prostate cancer. This article is intended to give you the basics about lycopene and the role it can play in prostate cancer treatment and prevention.

Lycopene Prostate Cancer Prevention

The bottom line is that Lycopene can be an enormous ally in your fight against prostate cancer. The studies are amazing and if you have a family history of prostate cancer or if you are currently fighting the disease, then a lycopene supplement should definitely  be a part of your daily supplement regimen.

PSA is linked to prostate cancer and the studies on Lycopene and PSA are quite frankly amazing.

Lycopene Prostate Cancer Prevention – What is Lycopene?

Lycopene is a nutrient found in red fruits and vegetables. It is the bright red carotene substance found in tomatoes, red carrots, watermelon, pink grapefruit, guava, rose hips and papaya. Lycopene is an essential nutrient in the human diet and our main source of lycopene is generally tomatoes. Lycopene has been found to lower cancer risks.[1]

Cooking is said to increase the amount of lycopene available to the body.[2] Tomato based sources are therefore the highest dietary source of lycopenes. If you want a natural source of lycopene then you should definitely consider eating large amounts of tomato based sauces or cooking tomatoes.

Lycopene Prostate Cancer Prevention – Tomatoes and Cancer

The studies on Lycopene prostate cancer prevention are very convincing. Lycopene has been found to be able to prevent certain cancers. WebMD says, “Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. This is why there is a lot of research interest in lycopene’s role, if any, in preventing cancer.”[1]

The studies for the prevention of cancer or decreasing the risk of cancer include studies that show that lycopene decreases the risk of the following types of cancer:

  • Cervical cancer[2]
  • Breast Cancer[3]
  • Bladder Cancer[4]
  • Prostate cancer[5]
  • Oral and throat cancers[6]
  • Colorectal cancers[7]
  • Stomach cancer[8]
  • Lung Cancer[9]

There are very few studies on lycopene as a cancer treatment. However, since it seems that a deficiency may somehow be linked to cancer, one may assume that getting enough lycopene can only be a good idea.

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Here are studies on lycopene and general cancer treatment:

  • In a lab lycopene increased cancer cell death and stopped the growth of cancer – Our findings show the capacity of lycopene and beta-carotene to inhibit cell proliferation, arrest the cell cycle in different phases, and increase apoptosis.[10]

Lycopene prostate cancer prevention – Studies

Lycopene reduced PSA whilst control PSA rose in one clinical study.

There are references to over 370 studies on Lycopene and prostate cancer.[11] Here are some of the most recent or most important studies:

  • Lycopene Extract from Algae killed prostate cancer cells and significantly reduced multiplication –  Algal lycopene showed very significant anti-proliferative and apoptotic effect in human prostate cancer cell lines. Therefore, algal lycopene from C.marina would be recommended for the treatment of prostate cancer.[12]
  • Lycopene reduced the spread of prostate cancer cells in a lab study. The results of our study expand our understanding of a chemo preventive role of lycopene in prostate cancer.[13]
  • In a Phase II clinical trial of Lycopene Supplementation of 15mg twice daily, the PSA of the untreated group rose by 14% whereas the PSA of the treated group fell by 18%. Supplementation of Lycopene may decrease the growth of prostate cancer [14]
  • In a clinical study on 54 patients, 27 given 2mg lycopene daily vs 27 who received no lycopene: Adding Lycopene produced more reliable, consistent decrease in PSA levels and improved survival. [15]
  • A clinical study of 40 patients given 4mg lycopene daily for one year: The incidence of cancer in the control group was 30% vs 10% for the Lycopene group. PSA level of the Lycopene group decreased from 6.07 to 3.5 vs control group rise from 6.55 to 8.06 [16]
  • Major review on the benefits of Lycopene for prostate cancer. [17]
  • Resveratrol, Ganoderma lucidum, Sulforaphane, Lycopene and Royal jelly help to stop cancer cell growth and spread [18]
  • In a lab study lycopene stopped growth of MCF7 but not MCF-10 cells in breast cancer [19]

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Lycopene prostate cancer prevention – Conclusion

The bottom line is you need every bit of help you can get to fight and prevent prostate cancer. Lycopene is not a cure on its own but part of a cancer diet, it can mean the difference between survival.

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