What “love what you eat” means to Health and Weight Loss

There have been a number of teachers lately who have focused on a radical way to lose weight. “Love what you eat, eat what you love” has become a mantra of those in the alternative and law of attraction circles. But what does it really mean and can you love what you eat and eat what you love to lose weight?

The short answer is YES!

Love what you eat

The thing about positive thinking or law of attraction is that its not about the thoughts so much as about the feelings and actions.

When you love you food you Anticipate your food

Think about when you love your food. When you love your food you anticipate your food. Do this quick experiment. Anticipate getting your favorite meal. Right now. Just imagine how good it will taste. How good it is going to smell. Close your eyes for a second and really visualize the food. Your mouth should be watering right about now. This is the power of loving your food. Its the power of switching the mouth and stomach on to really take advantage of the food you are eating and to get the most nutrients from your food. And if you are tuning into the power of your food, then you will automatically eat less and get more nutrients at the same time. That is the power of positive thinking and visualization of food. That is part of what makes loving the food you eat and eating the food your love so very powerful.

When you love the food you eat you enjoy every single bite

Think about what happens when you really enjoy your food. You enjoy every last bite. You savor the food and the tastes in your mouth. In other words you chew properly and chew for longer.

Studies indicate that chewing until your food is liquid not only decreases the number of calories you eat but actually increases your satiety hormone that stops you from feeling hungry. So chewing your food, loving every bite, savoring the meal and paying attention to the meal all add up to the fact that you will eat less at this particular meal and you will eat less at the next meal too.

That is another reason why loving the food you eat can help you lose weight. And not just a little weight either. Between anticipation and chewing you could be talking about losing between 3 and 9 pounds a month. That’s extra weight for those of you who are already on a diet! So how about it? How about loving what you eat for a start. And eating what you love as a way to improve not only your weight but your health and well being as well.

By following these simple steps studies show that you can actually switch off the stress switch on the peace switch which will help you stay healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, no I mean healthy. The wealthy and wise will have to be another course.

If you want to learn to harness the power of love to lose weight, then sign up for our new free course now. You are going to love it!

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