Lemon balm uses and benefits

Lemon balm uses

Lemon balm uses and its effects on insomnia

Lemon Balm Uses for sleep and metabolism

Lemon balm has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb by our ancestors. Traditional uses of lemon balm include using lemon balm as an insect repellent, as an antibiotic and as a sedative amongst others.

As mentioned in the articles about sleep called sleep to lose weight, and also the article on the link between glucose, metabolism, sleep and cancer, getting a good nights sleep means more than just waking up bright eyed and busy tailed the next morning. The bodies ability to metabolise carbohydrates correctly and its ability to regulate blood glucose levels is crucial in preventing cancer or in beating the disease. A good nights rest is also crucial in weight loss and the ability to lose weight or conversely the increased chances of becoming obese. So getting good sleep is very very important which is why we need to harness every herb mother nature has given us to help us ensure a healthy body through healthy sleep patterns.

Scientific research on lemon balm uses conducted by Lawrence Memorial Hospital. They published that Lemon Balm was so effective at improving sleep, that a combination of lemon balm and Valerian worked as well as taking Halcion but “only the Halcion group felt hung over and had trouble concentrating the next day“.

Lemon balm not only aids in inducing sleep but also improves the quality of the sleep.

Lemon balm uses for weight loss

As mentioned in “sleep to lose weight”, getting sufficient sleep every night is important to ensure your weight loss program is as effective as it can be. Without enough sleep, the metabolism is affected and your chances of losing weight are greatly diminished, irrespective of how much or what you eat. So before you spend another sleepless night worrying about how much weight you need to lose, or reaching for those OTC sleeping tablets, try some lemon balm and get a good nights rest the way mother nature intended.

Lemon balm uses for proper glucose metabolism and cancer.

As mentioned in the links between glucose metabolism and sleep and blood glucose levels and cancer, getting a good nights rest can be vital in preventing cancer or helping to fight the disease. Insufficient sleep can lead the an inability to metabolise glucose properly, which can lead to glucose spikes. And spikes in glucose levels have been directly linked to an increased risk of developing cancer. In fact, in a study published by the European Food Information Council, sleep of less than 6.5 hours per night may cause your ability to tolerate glucose by as much as 40%.  And since other research indicates that glucose spikes or elevated glucose levels can increase your chances of some cancers (in this research breast cancer) by as much as 150%, it is essential to ensure you get a good nights rest. As mentioned above though, lemon balm uses include using lemon balm as an aid to increase quality and quantity of sleep.

And in fighting the disease, recent research by UCLA has announced that glucose deprivation causes a loop which actually kills cancer cells.

Lemon balm uses for practical living

Knowing that lemon balm along with valerian can be as effective as some sleeping drugs – without the horrible “hang over” side effects, and knowing how important good sleep is, isn’t it time you tried some lemon balm to aid you in getting a good nights sleep.

Some Lemon Balm facts and how to use lemon balm

Botanical name: Melissa officinalis

Weight loss uses: Tea used as a sedative, anti-depressant, digestive stimulant, promotes sweating, restorative to the nervous system. Great for people who have stomach upsets due to tension because it calms both digestion and nerves.

Parts of the plant that are used: Fresh or dried leaves for teas

Where to get it: Plants can be bought from your local nursery or dried from your local health store.

How to prepare it: To create one dose of lemon balm tea, pour one cup of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of fresh flower heads and petals or 1 teaspoon of dried flowers and then steep for about 10 minutes. You can take up to four cups of lemon balm tea per day. Do not keep tea for longer than 24 hours since all teas loses their efficacy.

If you’d prefer a simple more convenient source of lemon balm, then take a look at the Vitabase Stress Relief supplement:

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