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Law of Attraction – Is it really possible to think yourself thin?

I’ve been a fan and avid law of attraction practitioner for years. But is it really possible to think yourself thin? Well here is some science that not only proves it’s possible but also proves it’s essential.

Law of AttractionLaw of attraction is about creating the feeling or thoughts to attract what you want in life. Its about dreaming, feeling good, imagination and creating the life you want. The Secret, the teaching of Abraham Hicks all suggest that you create your own reality through your thoughts. I am a firm believer in the power of law of attraction and I also believe in science. I’ve studied this topic for many years and it got me thinking, is there is any scientific basis for law of attraction and weight loss. Well here are some of the ways that show why it’s just as important to think yourself thin as it is to have the right diet:

Law of Attraction and Fight or flight versus Rest and Digest

Essentially we function in one of two modes. We are either in fight or flight or rest and digest. These modes developed as we evolved to keep up safe but also to allow us to thrive. In dangerous situations we developed fight or flight as a way to stay alive – to run away from things that wanted to eat us or to allow us to fight for survival. When things are safe, we operate in the rest or digest mode. Thoughts or feeling of well-being, the thoughts and feelings taught in the law of attraction actually switch on the rest or digest mode. Stress, anger and negative feelings make us feel threatened in some way and they switch on fight or flight.

By practicing law of attraction, you can actually switch between these two modes. But here is how those modes actually affect your body, scientifically, on a physical level.

Here’s what happens to the body in fight or flight:

  • You experience increased vigilance
  • Blood pressure increases
  • Heart rate increases
  • Circulation to your extremities increase
  • Oxygen supply to the muscles increases
  • Immune system shuts down
  • Your Digestive processes decrease
  • Your metabolism decreases

And here’s what happens in rest or digest:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Increased circulation to the organs
  • Increased Immune system
  • Increased digestion
  • Increased metabolism

One of the biggest ways that happy thoughts help you to lose weight is that happy thoughts switch on your rest or digest process. When you create good thoughts and feelings, the body changes it state to rest or digest. This state allows you to switch on the digestive process which in turn means you absorb more nutrients from your food. This mode also increases the metabolism! And metabolism is not just about weight loss, it determines how healthy you are and how much energy you have. So more energy, means more calories burned. More calories burned makes you happier, which increases metabolism. Welcome to the power of thinking yourself thin! That’s one vicious cycle we all want to be a part of.

The power of loving your food doesn’t stop there either. The power of love and appreciation actually physically affect how your body digests food, how it utilizes the food and how much you actually absorb.

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