Lavender oil bath

Make your own Lavender oil bath for relaxation and weight loss

A lavender oil bath is a great way to get into a relaxed mood to get a great start to a getting a good nights rest. Lavender is absorbed t

Lavender oil bath

Lavender oil bath recipe

hrough the skin as well as through our sense of smell, and has been scientifically found to aid in relaxation and sleep. for a full list of the benefits of lavender oil please read the article called “lavender oil benefits“.

Making a lavender oil bath is simple and a quick visit to your local health store should get you all of the ingredients you will need to make a relaxing lavender bath oil.

Ingredients you will need for your lavender oil bath

To make your lavender bath oil you will need sweet almond oil or a similar neutral smelling oil. You can ask your local health shop for sweet almond oil or for a good substitute. You will also need some vodka – not the flavored kind but the plain one and a herbal infusion of lavender or some distilled water and lavender essential oil.

The vodka or alcohol acts as an emulsifier to help the oil and water mix together. You can leave out the vodka entirely if you like but then you need to shake well before each use.

To make your herbal infusion, steep lavender in a cup of boiling water for at least 40 minutes. For the bath oil you can strain the mixture or you can leave a few of the flowers in – that’s up to you personal preference. If you leave a sprig of lavender in and use clear glass bottles, then your own homemade lavender bath oil makes a superb gift for friends :)

How to make your lavender oil bath oil.

Mix 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil with the lavender infusion. Add between 5 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture to intensify the fragrance if you like. Once the oils are mixed, mix that with a quarter cup of vodka. The vodka will help to stop the mixture from separating over time, but you can choose to replace the vodka with distilled water. If you use distilled water the mixture may separate – so just shake well before each use.

Store your oil in a cool dark place to prolong its shelf life.

Add a cup or so at bath time. Lavender oil has been shown to aid in relaxation and sleep so a relaxing bath with lavender is the perfect way to end a busy day and enhance a good nights sleep.

For more information on how sleep affects weight loss, how it affects metabolism and the link between metabolism and weight loss as well as glucose metabolism and the prevent and care of cancer, please read our articles on the subject.

Here’s wishing you a relaxing bath using your own home made lavender oil bath oil

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