Lavender bath salts recipe

Super easy lavender bath salts recipe

Lavender bath salts recipe

Lavender bath salts recipe

Bath salts are a great way to end the day and this lavender bath salts recipe is really easy to make and store. And lavender, which has been proven to aid in relaxation and sleep, has the added advantage of being absorbed through smell and through the skin which means that your relaxing bath can be beneficial to a good nights rest as well.

 What you need for the lavender bath salts recipe

You need a large jar with a tight fitting lid. The jar must be able to fit at least 3 cups of ingredients but if you want to make this as a gift – it makes a great gift for friends, you can use a plastic container with a lid – like a bucket. The bath salts also last a long time so its great to make more and then use as you need, keeping the rest in a  dark place until you are ready to place it into a jar in the bathroom.

But be aware that plastic is porous so if you use a plastic container, then the plastic tends to take on the fragrance of the herb you are using.

You need one cup of Epsom salts. You can get this from your local pharmacy or from your local health store. Some general stores also keep Epsom salts.

You also need a cup of rock salt or sea salt for the lavender bath salts recipe. Try to get natural salts for this. Sea salt from a  general store is fine, just read the label to make sure there are no chemicals or additives added to it. You are going to sit back and relax in the bath and don’t want any rashes from chemicals you are unaware of in the first place :)

And finally, you need a cup of lavender herb. Lavender from the garden is fine if you ensure that there are no chemicals on the herb. It is safer to get herbs in bulk from your local health store. This ensures there are no harmful substances on the herb you are using.

Steps to make your lavender baths salts recipe

To make your lavender bath salts recipe simple mix a cup of rock salt with a cup of Epsom salts and a cup of dried herbs. If you don’t want bits of twig or flowers in the salts then tie the  salts up in some small muslin bags and make sure the bags are evenly distributed in the mixture. Then allow the salts to stand for at least a week before you begin to use them.

Lavender bath salts recipe – a recipe for a good nights sleep which means more weight loss and also cancer prevention

Studies show that a good nights rest is imperative to ensure a healthy metabolism. Too little sleep interrupts the metabolism, especially the bodies ability to metabolise glucose. Too little sleep has been directly linked to incorrect blood glucose levels. Spikes in blood glucose levels and the inability to maintain healthy blood glucose levels have been directly linked to Diabetes, weight gain and also cancer.

We hope you love the lavender bath salts recipe and make some of your own.

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