hz cancer cure

HZ cancer cure – How hydrazine sulphate can help cancer patients

What the hz cancer cure is

What hydrazine sulfate is

What hydrazine sulfate is – for those chemists out there

HZ cancer cure was discovered, studied and suggested by Dr. Joseph Gold. Hydrazine sulphate is a chemical produced by industry in fairly large amounts. The chemical is used for various purposes including rocket fuel but for the purposes of cancer therapy. Initially the discovery was hailed as “the most remarkable anticancer agent I have come across in my 45 years of experience in cancer” by some of the top doctors in the cancer field – this statement made by Dr. Dean Burk, of the National Cancer Institute but since the hz cancer cure is relatively easy to get hold of and really cheap, it means no profits for the large drug companies and as a result, the cure has not only been largely ignored by mainstream medicine, it has also been the target of political attacks. No patents mean no profits which in turn mean the drug companies lose thousands of dollars so cancer cures like hz are buried.


How the hz cancer cure works

Based on the work of Novel Prize winning cancer researcher, Dr. Otto Warburg, Dr. Joseph Gold began to search for a compound which would hinder cancer cells from producing energy using glucose. How the hz cancer cure works is by stopping the cancer cells from using glucose for energy by stopping the liver from allowing the fermentation process to begin with. hydrazine sulfate stops host energy loss by “blocking the body’s chemical machinery which converts lactic acid and other breakdown products to glucose in normal tissues“.

Hydrazine sulfate thus helps to fight cancer by reversing cachexia or the wasting disease and in some cases has even been shown to shrink tumours.

How you can get the hz cancer cure

Depending on where you live hz may be available as a dietary supplement. Hz is available under medical care in Canada for example. QuestHealth supply Cachexit – which are hydrazine sulfate tablets, for use as a dietary supplement.


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