How to Stop RLS

How to Stop RLS

RLS is an acronym for restless leg syndrome. Currently there does not seem to be any particular cause for the disease. Scientists have not been able to isolate any particular cause although RLS has been associated with many long term chronic diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and kidney failure. But RLS doesn’t mean you necessarily have any of these long term conditions.


How to stop RLS

Although the causes of the disease has not yet been identified, there are certain symptoms which are common and allow for the diagnosis of restless leg syndrome.

There is also some speculation that RLS is genetic although once again, scientists have not been able to isolate how or what gene is responsible for the development of RLS

How to stop RLS – Symptoms of RLS

Symptoms commonly experienced by those who suffer from RLS include:

  • Itching in the legs
  • A feeling of pins and needles in the legs
  • A strange “creepy-crawly” sensation in the legs or arms
  • An urge to keep moving the legs constantly
  • Unexplained muscle twitches and spams
  • Electrical type shocks in the legs

Symptoms can be mild but can also be debilitating. The symptoms experienced by those suffering from restless leg may be exaggerated at night time. This makes it really difficult to get a good nights rest. RLS can therefore lead to added stress. It can also increase anxiety or depression due to lack of sleep.

Symptoms can also come and go or they can be consistent. It is currently estimated that 10% of the population suffer from RLS so if you are experiencing some of the above symptoms then you are certainly not alone.

How to stop RLS – Daignosis

RLS is generally diagnosed by a medical practitioner. Since the exact causes are undetermined, there are no specific blood tests or other diagnostic instruments to confirm the diagnosis. The diagnosis of RLS is primarily done based on questions and answer and the symptoms mentioned by the patient. And a positive diagnosis of RLS often puts patients no closer to a solution either since there are no specific treatments that are recognized for the treatment of RLS.

How to Stop RLS – Treatment options for RLS

Due to the lack of information about the direct cause of RLD, the treatment options for RLS in terms of drugs and drug therapy are extremely limited. One form of therapy that is proving to be very effective is the use of PEMF and electromagnetic devices.

The Restless Leg Model SA is really effective for the treatment of RLS and is a very efficient way of stopping RLS without drugs. Read about the Restless Legs Model SA here.

The Model SA is a frequency device based on the work of Royal Rife along with a magnetic component. Although the exact action of the device has not been proven, the Model SA improves circulation and also improves the electrical action of the cells and this has been shown to be a very effective way to stop RLS.

Treatment with the Restless leg Model SA is fast, convenient and drug and side effect free. You can use the device to treat yourself in your own home or even at the office.

RLS symptoms can go away or worsen. If the RLS trigger is removed the symptoms may disappear but since the triggers are unknown, it is impossible to tell what to remove as the trigger. The Model SA has been found to be effective in 90% of the RLS it has been used to treat and it is assumed that the increase in circulation and electrical activity play an important part in the treatment of the symptoms of RLS.



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