How to Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally in 60 Seconds

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally in 60 Seconds

I know everyone is looking for tips on how to speed up your metabolism, and who wouldn’t be interested in finding way to lose weight without a diet? After all, it feels like we spend our lives on one diet or another, constantly deprived of something delicious or eating the weirdest stuff in the book.

Before I began to read the research on metabolism, I was convinced my weight and my ability to lose weight was entirely dependent on the food I ate and my exercise routine. Boy, did I spend a lot time trying different diets, different routines, even different gyms.

I was tired of seeing my metabolism as a chore. Why couldn’t I have it like an ally like so many others who seem to eat everything and remain stick thin? So I began to do some research of my own. Then I read a  few studies on two things I’d never really considered as part of my metabolism.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

I read studies on breathing techniques and how hormones work within the body.Generally when we think of metabolism, we think in terms of foods that increase metabolism or exercise, but there are two vital keys to metabolism that often get completely ignored and I paid the price for ignoring them: having to constantly watch what I eat. The keys I learned about were: oxygen and hormones .

I found out that the truth is you can eat all the metabolism boosting foods in the book and do all the exercise you like, but without these two vital keys, your metabolism doesn’t remain boosted for long.

The first study on how to speed up your metabolism naturally in 60 seconds

The first study I found was an amazing study on nose breathing and metabolism. Really, I thought when I found the study. Nose breathing to boost weight loss and metabolism? I read the study anyway because I had nothing to lose. It turns out that breathing through the nose increased metabolism by 37%!

Well, I don’t know about you but I’d settle for a small boost, but 37% seemed extreme. I began to breathe before eating and I was astounded at the results. The more I researched the topic, the more I realized that it wan’t just the breathing that was the key. It was what that type of breathe was doing in my body that made all the difference. After many many articles and research, here is a summary of what different types of breathing really does in your body:

Mouth breathing has the following physical consequences:

  • It increases the fight or flight response.
  • It increases stress levels within the body
  • It decreases oxygen to the organs like the brain
  • It increases heart rate
  • It increases free radicals within the body

Nose breathing on the other hand:

  • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Increases oxygen to the brain and other orgasms
  • Relaxes and calms the body
  • Decreases free radicals within the body
  • Increases fat metabolism within the body
  • Increases overall metabolism rate
  • Increases endurance and the benefits of exercise

The great thing was that this technique could be used with all the fat burning foods and and foods that increase metabolism that I already knew about. They work together and the breathing actually makes those foods more effective.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism – Other benefits of correct breathing

You can see from the list that the right type of breathing does more than just speed up the metabolism too. It actually creates a healthier environment in your body! It reduces free radicals. Free radicals are the chemicals that run around wreaking havoc with your body. They cause damage to cells and tissues that go on to cause cancer. They damage skin cells causing wrinkles and aging and they cause disease. Most of us have heard of anti-oxidants and I’ve taken my fair share of them, but breathing properly is the most powerful anti-oxidant we have!

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism – Nose breathing switches the digestive system on

It seems really logical. The better you digest your food, the less you need to eat right? Once again I was amazed by the research. Stress switches digestion off! It turns out that when we are stressed the body thinks we need all of our resources to help us “fight or flight” in other words the body focuses all its energy on providing us energy to stay safe which sounds like a good idea initially, but the truth is that when we are in fight or flight we don’t digest food. Nose breathing turns off the fight or flight process in the body – so nose breathing actually switches on your digestion!

I know its logical but the more you actually digest, the more nutrients you get from your food. The more nutrients you get from each meal, the less you need to eat and stay full.

The second key to metabolism is hormones – so stay tuned for the next article or read about the One minute Metabolism – how to radically increase metabolism in 60 seconds here. You see I was so impressed by my results that I began to teach people and now I’ve written it all in a book and you can get your copy right now from kindle:


Top tip on how to speed up metabolism: breathe through the nose for a minute or two before eating and see the difference!


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