How do you get cancer?

How do you get cancer – Stop Thinking Yourself Sick

The link between cancer and stress is by no means new. But do you really know what “stress” is. So many doctors tell us to reduce stress levels to remain healthy, but few of them offer real world strategies for reducing stress or even what stress really is.

Stress is merely a physical body state that exists as a direct result of your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts about a situation create all the emotions you feel. Sure there are times when it feel hard to have positive thoughts about something but those perpetual silver lining seekers have made an art of staying positive and seeing the bright side of situations. And they are certainly healthier for it.

How do you get cancerNegative thoughts create emotions like anger, fear, hatred and loneliness. Each time you experience a negative thought, the body goes into a stressed state. It’s built to do so. It evolved like that over hundreds of thousands of years. This state is called fight or flight and in fight or flight the body produces cortisol that can wreak havoc with our health and well-being.

Negative emotions to our ancestors were a warning that we are under threat. Although it is unlikely to have a tiger jump out of the jungle and try to eat you these days, our physical state still works the way it evolved. So negative emotions switch on the stress response within the body.

So what do your thoughts have to do with how you get cancer?

To understand the interaction between thoughts and cancer, you need to understand how the cells within the body produce energy.

Cells produce energy through various chemical reactions. They can produce energy by converting GTP to ATP for energy. They can also use a process called glucose fermentation to create energy if the cells run out of GTP.

Healthy cells have sufficient GDP to produce the GTP molecule for energy. Prolonged stress causes adrenaline fatigue and excess cortisol. Adrenaline fatigue depletes the body of necessary GDP molecules so cells are forced to use glucose fermentation for the production of energy.

And here is the extremely bad news, once cells begin to switch to glucose fermentation they become cancerous cells.

The fact that cancer uses glucose fermentation to create energy has been known since the early 1930’s when Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Luckily cancerous cells need more than just glucose fermentation to thrive. Cancerous cells also require a broken immune system.

So how do thoughts affect the immune system and influence how you get cancer?

Well this is where stress becomes a double whammy on your system. Stress and high cortisol levels cause the immune system to shut down. Essentially when a tiger is chasing you, the body reserves all its resources for fight or flight. The way we evolved meant that the body essentially said, “What’s the point of fighting off a cold if I am going to be eaten?” So in a state of fight or flight, fat burning is switched off, digestion is switched off, glucose production is increase and most importantly for this part, the immune system is shut down. The body does not produce the immune system cells to fight infection, inflammation and bad cells like cancer cells.

how do you get cancerSo excess cortisol levels and long periods of emotion actually have the ability to suppress the immune system. This in turn creates a favorable environment for cancer to thrive. Cancer cells are generally killed by a healthy immune system, but in a suppressed environment cancer cells are allowed to thrive.

But thankfully, there are a few more factors cancer needs to thrive.

Body pH levels, stress. How do you get cancer from stress?

The bad news once again is that stress and excess cortisol create an acidic environment within the body. Cancer cells only thrive in an acidic environment. Cancer cells create an acidic environment as one of the side effects of glucose fermentation but cancer cells also love and thrive in an acidic environment. That is why a lot of cancer diets focus on alkaline foods.

It turns out that one of the functions of cortisol is to regulate body and blood pH levels. With prolonged stress and excess cortisol, the body begins to move towards an acidic environment and this can create another element for the perfect environment for cancer.

Glucose Levels and how you get cancer through stress

Finally, the last thing that stress does is change the glucose levels in the body. Once again the rationale is that the body wants as much access to glucose to allow it to run away or stand and fight.

Prolonged periods of stress turn on the glucose production within the liver and the body to make sure the muscles have enough energy to run away.

The bad news is that cancer thrives in areas where there are high concentrations of food for the cancer cells. Cancer thrives on glucose. So by increasing the glucose as a result of cortisol, you are once again creating the perfect environment for cancer to thrive.How do you get cancer

How to Stop Thinking Yourself Sick

The bottom line is that you need to take measure to control your thoughts, emotions and stress. Whether you are using EFT, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) or psychotherapy, you need to take action to control your stress.


The bottom line is that there are no tigers about to eat us and no matter how bad things seem, we need to start focusing on the positive. And this is not just law of attraction or thinking positive from a purely theoretical point of view.

There are a number of studies that show that cancer patients who were taught MBSR techniques or meditation techniques or who received some sort of therapy survived longer, had less recurrences of the cancer and also had a more positive outlook on life and the disease.

It’s time to take action and stop thinking yourself sick. Invest in EFT, hire a mindfulness or EFT coach, or join a group therapy session.

The following video is from our live google Hangout on Cancer:

There are some powerful free EFT sessions available on YouTube. We also offer EFT coaching for cancer fighters.

Contact us if you want to book an EFT session for cancer today.


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