Green tea benefits for cancer patients

Green tea benefits for cancer patients

If you are fighting cancer then you really should know about the green tea benefits for cancer patients. The studies on green tea as a cancer fighter are impressive to say the least and a cup of green tea with the added cancer fighting lemon can be one of the best ways to start the day to support your fight against cancer.

Green tea benefits for cancer patients

Green tea benefits for cancer patients – What Green Tea Is

Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis. It started in China and spread across Asia and has been consumed as tea and used for medicinal purposes for over 4 000 years. It has only recently begun to draw interest in the west and there are a number of studies into green tea, the compounds found in green tea and in green tea extracts for various medicinal purposes and properties.

Green tea can be steeped and consumed as tea. There are also numerous green tea supplements and extracts available at health stores. If you don’t enjoy the taste of green tea then a supplement may be a great alternative.

Since it has been used for thousands of years, general consumption of green tea in terms of safety has really stood the test of time. Green tea has the following properties that can help for cancer care:

  • Green tea has detox abilities
  • Green tea has been found to help regulate blood sugar
  • Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Green tea has been found to have some cancer fighting properties

Green tea benefits for cancer patients – Green Tea and Detox

CancerDecodedflatGreen tea has the ability to support and aid detoxification of the liver. Detoxification is essential in your fight against cancer. Toxins cause cancer and toxins are also responsible for most of the symptoms you experience as a cancer patient. For more information on the keys to successfully fighting and preventing cancer you can buy Cancer Decoded from Amazon here.

There are a number of studies dealing with the detoxification properties of green tea. Studies seem to show that the consumption of green tea increase both phase I and phase II enzyme production in the liver.

Here are some of the studies:

  • Green tea improves detox[1]
  • Green tea protects the liver
  • Green tea boosts detox and protects you from cancer[2]

Green tea benefits for cancer patients – Green Tea and Blood Sugar Regulation

Green tea has been shown to have blood glucose and insulin regulating properties. With the importance of both blood glucose levels and insulin in the prevention and care of cancer, green tea should most likely be part of any cancer care plan.

There are over 230 studies listed for green tea and diabetes (thus blood sugar and or insulin).[3] Here are just a few of the studies:

  • Ginger, green tea and cinnamon regulates blood glucose levels in humans.[4]
  • In a double blind placebo controlled study green tea significantly improved insulin resistance
  • In patients green tea improved insulin resistance.[5]
  • Green tea regulated glucose metabolism, improved insulin sensitivity and regulated inflammation.[6]
  • In a review of various studies green tea reduced blood glucose and reduced fasting insulin levels.

Green tea benefits for cancer patients – Green Tea and Inflammation

Green tea has a number of anti-inflammatory properties and studies show green tea can help reduce and fight chronic inflammation. Since inflammation causes cancer and provides a way for cancer to grow and spread, reducing inflammation is essential in your fight against cancer.

There are over 300 studies listed for “green tea and inflammation” on the National Health Institute’s database.[7] Here are some of the studies on green tea and inflammation:

  • In a double blind placebo controlled study green tea exhibited anti-inflammatory effects in men.[8]
  • In mice green tea reduced inflammation in mice.[9]
  • In patients green tea had anti-inflammatory effects.[10]

Green tea benefits for cancer patients – Green Tea & Cancer

Green tea doesn’t only fight the key to cancer but fights cancer itself. There are a number of studies on the cancer fighting properties of green tea. The studies are numerous. In fact, a search of “green tea cancer” on the NHI database reveals over 1900 studies.[11]

Here are some of the studies on green tea and cancer prevention or care:

  • Green tea protects you from chemicals in cigarette smoke. [12]
  • Green tea reduces the growth of non-small-cell lung cancer cells in the lab.[13]
  • Green tea reduces the risk of certain cancers in humans.[14]
  • Green tea reduces the spread of skin cancer cells[15]
  • Green tea with tamoxifen helps to reduce breast cancer growth.[16]
  • In a mouse study, green tea significantly reduced the progression of breast cancer.[17]
  • Green tea may reduce the tumors capacity to grow by inhibiting its ability to create its own blood supply.[18]
  • Green tea reduces spread and encourages cancer cells to commit suicide in skin cancer.[19]
  • Green tea may have potential in the treatment of throat and nose cancers.[20]
  • Green tea reduces growth and encourages death of cancer cells in the lab.[21]
  • Green tea causes cancer cells to commit suicide[22]
  • Green tea may have benefits in the treatment of prostate cancer.[23]
  • Green tea reduces or stops the progression of colon cancer.[24]
  • Green tea had a significant effect on the growth of breast and slowed growth of breast cancer cells in a human study on breast cancer patients.[25]
  • Green tea reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence.[26]
  • Green tea vs Black tea.[27]

If you are intending to take a supplement then you need to consult your cancer care professional to ensure that green tea does not interact with the treatments you are taking.

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