Ginger tea benefits weight loss – here is how

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Can ginger tea benefit weight loss?

Herbalists for centuries have known the benefits of herbs for maintaining a healthy body and for maintaining healthy body mass. Scientists are now also discovering the power of herbs to help us lose weight and maintain health. In the case of ginger, this powerful root is becoming the object of intense interest by the scientific community for its medicinal benefits. Studies are showing that this powerful herb aids in digestion, can help us to prevent certain cancers and is beneficial in pain relief – to name a few of the ways in which ginger tea benefits weight loss and other issues.

Studies that ginger tea benefits weight loss

In a study published by Columbia University by the Institute of Human Nutrition, researchers studied 10 subjects who had taken hot ginger tea with their breakfast meal. They then measured how hungry they became thereafter and also how full they felt and most importantly – how much food they consumed after they’d ingested the ginger tea vs the control (i.e. when no ginger was consumed).

How ginger tea benefits weight loss – lower food intake after ginger

The study found that there was “lower prospective food intake (P=.004) and greater fullness (P=.064) with ginger consumption versus control” They ate less after the ginger tea – naturally! So – in my opinion – it was easier for them to stick to a diet or to avoid over eating – naturally – without will power in other words!

How ginger tea benefits weight loss – enhances the thermic effect of food

The study also concluded that there “was a significant effect of ginger on thermic effect of food”. The thermic effect of food is “amount of energy expenditure above the resting metabolic rate due to the cost of processing food for use and storage“. Essentially the thermic effect is important because the more energy that is required to process the food, the more calories that food burns – just by eating it.

By eating foods which increase the thermic effect of food, one increases the calories burnt by the food naturally which ultimately means less calories for you to burn in other ways like through exercise.

Ginger tea benefits weight loss

Ginger tea benefits weight loss

How to take advantage of the fact that ginger tea benefits weight loss

In the study, the subjects were given a hot ginger tea with breakfast. Ginger tea can made by steeping the root in hot water for a period of time.

Adding ginger to meals – either through the consumption of ginger tea before or after the meal or through ginger capsules daily is highly recommended to take advantage of gingers medicinal properties.

Ginger tea benefits weight loss, but this is not the only study about ginger. To read about how ginger can be used for other medicinal purposes, you may be interested in the following articles: Ginger Benefits of Ginger for reducing chemotherapy induced nausea

Finally, ginger is not the only food or herb which can speed your weight loss. In fact there are over 30 foods and herbs which benefit weight loss. Our free guide contains information, tips and advice on over 30 foods which you can use to boost weight loss.

To download your copy of the free Fat Busting Foods Guide, click here.

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