Fat Burning Foods – Do they really work?

Fat Burning Foods – Do they really work?

Have you ever wondered why some people swear by a weight loss supplement and others find it doesn’t work at all. Lately there has been a lot of hype about the use of cinnamon water to help speed weight loss. Some people have hailed it as a miracle cure while others say its a complete scam. The same has happened with Garcinia Cambogia. Are they all just hype or do they really work.

Fat Burning Foods

How Fat Burning Foods really work

The truth is that most “fat burning foods” work. The question – and the reason why some people have success and some don’t – is what do they work for. Metabolism and weight loss are related to one another. If you have a fast metabolism, you burn fat and lose weight easily. However with a slow metabolism, you tend to hang onto those pounds for a lot longer. And metabolism is determined by a number of factors like insulin resistance, leptin resistance, the bodies ability to burn food for fuel as well as water and oxygen.

The thing about diet supplements like cinnamon or Cambogia is that they work for those who have a particular problem with their metabolism. So for example, if you are

suffering from insulin resistance and you add cinnamon to your diet, then chances are you will start to lose weight or lose weight more easily. If however you do not have IR then its pointless adding cinnamon to help you lose weight.

So how do you know which Fat Burning Foods will work for you?

Well, you could go for the tried and tested method of just trying all of them, like a game of roulette but this is expensive, time consuming and can also make you lose hope in your ability to lose weight.

An easier, more scientific way of working out which foods will help you specifically, is to look up the symptoms of the various things that affect metabolism and then use the foods that specifically help those symptoms. This can be time consuming but at least you’re not shooting in the dark. But before you run off and begin to research metabolism, there is an easier way to find out which foods will help you lose weight.

The Free Fat Busting Foods Guide – you guide to fat burning foods and more

For a full list of which factors affect metabolism, which foods can be used to combat those symptoms and also a guide on how your metabolism really works – explained in plain English so you don’t have to be a scientist to understand, you can download a free copy of our new guide “Fat Busting Foods”. This guide will take you step by step through how to work out which foods you need as well as working out which things are affecting your particular metabolism.

Download your Free Fat Busting Foods Guide here.

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