Fat burning foods – Cayenne cream physically reduces fat cells

Fat burning foods – cayenne or chilli pepper for weight loss

Science has known for a long time that certain foods are fat burning foods. There are more and more articles, diet books and research on how foods can actually help us burn fat and therefore aid us in our weight loss efforts.

Fat burning foods include:

  1. Greek Yoghurt – the reason Greek yoghurt is good for weight loss is that Greek yoghurt contains more protein than ordinary yoghurt so the body works harder to convert that protein into energy and also protein lasts longer in the body so you don’t get hungry as quickly as eating ordinary yoghurt
  2. Cinnamon – This thermogenic herb has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar and insulin levels which aids in avoiding cravings as well curbing appetite
  3. Green tea fat burner – there are studies which show that green tea helps us burn abdominal fat and the catechins aid metabolism
  4. Coffee – stimulates the metabolism
  5. Vinegar – there are studies that vinegar helps to break down fat in the body.
Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods – thermogenic herbs

So how do these herbs and foods actually help the body lose weight? The answer for a lot of them is called thermogenisis. Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms. You need to use energy to produce heat in the body and by using energy you are burning up calories. Some herbs, like cayenne cause the body to create heat in a greater proportion that the actual energy received from the herb. For example – when you eat cayenne or cinnamon in food – you get 10 units of energy but it takes the body 15 to use the herb so you actually use more calories that you got from the herb.

Fat burning foods – Cayenne cream research as fat burning food

Most studies are about the ingestion of food as fat burners. But foods or herbs do not only have to be ingested to have an effect on the body. There are many herbs which can be used topically which also contribute to our overall health. A good example is lavender oil. The scent of lavender oil has been found to aid in relaxation and sleep for example.

And now cayenne can be added to that topical list of herbs. Thanks to a study released by the Department of Medical Science, School of Medicine, University of Ulsan. In this study researchers studied the effects of topical application of capsaicin or cayenne cream. In this study the researchers applied cayenne cream to obese mice. The study found the following:

“These results indicate that topical application of capsaicin to obese mice limits fat accumulation in adipose tissues and may reduce inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity.”

Although cayenne pepper cream may react to some people, it may be worth trying.

For a recipe to make your own cayenne pepper weight loss cream, click here. This one is definitely worth adding to your list of fat burning foods. For more ideas on how to add Cayenne to your diet, download our free fat busting foods guide.

To download your copy of the free Fat Busting Foods Guide, click here.


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