Fat Burning blueberries benefits weight loss

Blueberries benefits weight loss

Blueberries are awesome for weight loss. Low in calories, high in great fiber, vitamin C and E, anti-oxidants, these little blue jewels also contain compounds which help to burn belly fat whilst they boost and protect the brain.


There is also research which suggests that blueberries fight certain types of cancer by promoting apt

Blueberries benefits weight loss

Blueberries benefits weight loss

osis – the cancer cells or damaged cells basically commit suicide.

Blueberries contain salicylic acid which is natural form of aspirin so that help to thin the blood and can also help to reduce pain. They increase dopamine so they help to improve mood and make you feel better.Because of the high levels of vitamin C, blueberries are great for your immune system

Blueberries benefits weight loss – The benefits of adding Blueberries to your diet:

  • Blueberries help fight belly fat
  • Blueberries are high in fiber keeping you fuller for longer
  • Blueberries improve thinking and mood which helps you achieve your weight loss goals
  • Blueberries are very high in Vitamin C which aids dieting
  • Blueberries contain natural aspirin
  • Blueberries are low in calories and therefore make a great snack

Blueberries benefits weight loss РHow to add Blueberries to your diet:

As a snack, added to your favorite smoothie, in baking recipes and even some savory dishes, blueberries are simple to add to your diet and the benefits are enormous. You can buy frozen or fresh blueberries. Adding frozen blueberries to your fat busting banana ice cream makes an awesome fat busting dessert that uses the following fat busting ingredients: Blueberries, Banana and Yoghurt. All of these fat busting ingredients offer benefits to rev up your metabolism and burn fat faster which makes them a healthy delicious way to end any fat busting day.

This is part of the Fat busting foods guide. To download your free copy to read about blueberries benefit weight loss, click here.

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