Essential Weight Loss Tips – You’ve got to Love it to Lose it

So many people think they’ll be happy when they lose a few pounds. The problem is they have it all backwards. You have to be happy to lose weight not lose weight to be happy. And by happy I mean excited, happy, full of appreciation, in love, peaceful. In fact, you have even to be happy to be healthy! The bottom line is stress limits the metabolism. So being unhappy, stressed, depressed, about your weight only makes matters worse. And a limited metabolism means less weight loss, less cellular repair, less health and less well being.

Here are some essential weight loss tips you can use to love it to lose it:

Prolonged stress also triggers the craving for “comfort food”. Comfort foods are defined as high fat, high, high calorie, sweet comfort foods.

Stress is linked to the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin is commonly called the hunger hormone. Ghrelin levels generally increase before meals and decrease after meals. Stress also leads to increased Ghrelin levels. These levels can cause you to crave comfort foods and override your ability to choose healthy foods instead.Essential Weight Loss Tips

Ghrelin has also been shown to have a role in learning and memory in growth and many other essential functions.

The problem with Ghrelin is it can be the gremlin in the machine when it comes to your weight loss – but that’s actually up to you.

Let’s say you get on the scale. You’re a pound up. You heart begins to pound, your stomach sinks. This is stress. You really need to lose weight. More stress. You have to eat, but you don’t want to gain any more weight so you don’t really want to eat. Even more stress. Now you’re really amping up the ghrelin levels unfortunately. So you grab a cupcake to feel better. Now you’re stressed because you know cupcakes make you gain weight. We’ve all been through this cycle.

The sad thing is, most of its not even your fault. Stress slows the metabolism so just thinking about having to lose weight can start the cycle. And a lower metabolism means less energy – not exactly a reason to get out to the gym. No gym – more stress. You already know the cycle.

So how do you avoid the ghrelin or gremlins getting into the machine?

Essential weight loss tips to get out of the cycle

Dancing, , laughing, loving are all ways of switching off stress and switching on your rest and digest switch. Here is a simple daily recipe to switch off stress:

1. Don’t start the day on the scale – in fact stay off the scale entirely. Rather measure your success by how much energy you have and how you feel.

2. Start the day laughing or loving.

3. If you start feeling stressed, breathe 5 times through the nose. Slow deep breaths in and out through the nose activates rest and digest and makes you feel calmer

4. Eat when you’re hungry. It may not be convenient to stop what you’re doing to get a snack but its less inconvenient than piling on the pounds. If you satisfy your hunger when you’re hungry you won’t develop monster cravings. You also have a better chance of choosing healthier snacks to soothe those ghrelin levels. For more essential weight loss tips and ideas, try Weight Loss Tips Love Food for Thought.

5. Love your food. If you’re craving chocolate cake, at least eat it in a state of love and enjoyment to ensure you digest your food and get the most nutrients from your food. If you eat it and stress about it you’ll only get the carbs and slow the metabolism as well! A double whammy for your weight loss so don’t stress about it. Love your food. For more about why its essential to love your food, you can read magical metabolism boosters and law of attraction and weight loss.

6. Eat slowly. Enjoy each bite. Appreciating each bite will allow the body to tell you when you’re full. Smelling your food and chewing properly can help you eat less and lose weight.

Get out of the ghrelin trap and start to love losing those pounds.

For a more essential weight loss tips, or a free coaching session, email me on Coaching via Skype.

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