Detox diet – dealing with the symptoms of detox with herbs

Detox diet – How detox causes symptoms

The cells of the body are amazing structures. They can adapt to almost any new circumstances we put them into and they can store an amazing amount of toxins we put into our bodies. The problem with that however, is when we remove or change that environment to a healthier environment, the cells themselves release the toxins we have built up in the body. These toxins cause symptoms which we call detoxification symptoms.

This is actually one of the few times that feeling “bad” is actually good for you and when feeling “bad” is merely a temporary symptom of actually getting better. Detoxification symptoms most often arise from doing a detox program, but that is not the only time we suffer from detox diet symptoms.

Detox diet – Why you suffer from symptoms on most diets

Most eating plans, weight loss programs and diets exclude some of the things we eat or drink regularly. Irrespective of whether its soda, caffeine, certain foods, by changing what we eat normally, we change the “environment” the cells are used to. Invariably this leads to a certain amount of detox for the body so that is why most people who change their eating habits experience some sort of detox symptoms.

Detox Diet – Symptoms of detoxification

The symptoms of detoxification vary from person to person and the severity also varies depending on the level of toxins that has been built up to begin with, but the most common symptoms of detoxification include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Strange tastes in the mouth
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Cravings
  • Nausea
  • Constipation or diarrhea
Detox diet herbs

Detox diet herbs

Detox Diet – Herbs that can help treat the symptoms of detoxification

Sometimes detox symptoms are hard to treat because depending on the eating plan you are on, most medications that treat headaches etc contain caffeine. Herbal teas however are a great way to handle the symptoms of a detox diet, without adding caffeine or extra calories to your chosen eating plan. And most eating plans allow all herbs and spices on their diets. And herbs are a great way of helping the body to get healthy as well. Herbal teas are available at your local health store and most large supermarket chains also carry herbal teas and they also help to break the monotony of drinking the tons of water recommended by most eating plans. Just make sure the herbal tea you purchase is natural and caffeine free. You can sweeten to taste using a natural sweetener like Stevia or even a teaspoon or two of honey – depending on your diet requirements.

Herbs for Detox diet headaches include: Chamomile, lavender, Elderberry, Vervain
Herbs for detox diet aches and pains – Ginger is one of the best anti-inflammatory herbs around. And ginger tea benefits weight loss – here’s how

Herbs for Fatigue – for a natural energy boost try ginseng, ginger, ginkgo biloba

Herbs for detox diet sleeping problems: A lavender bath using lavender oil bath is great for aiding in a good nights sleep. Chamomile tea benefits sleeping.

Herbs for Irritability – Chamomile tea benefits not only sleeping but is a powerful calmative without inducing drowsiness so you can take it during the day without feeling you want to fall asleep

Herbs to fight cravings – Due to the fact that they balance blood insulin levels, both cinnamon and ginger tea benefits weight loss and amazing thereby reduce cravings for sugar and other sweet foods.

Herbs to fight nausea – Once again – ginger tea benefits weight loss and also has been found to be better than most anti-nausea drugs at combating nausea.

Herbs that fight constipation or diarrhea include digestive herbs like peppermint, fennel, cardamom, dill and lemon balm.

As a final note, as mentioned before detox diet symptoms are one of the few times when feeling bad is actually good. And don’t worry, these symptoms disappear after a few short days anyway.

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