Coolit – Because your guests deserve a good nights sleep

Coolit – A new viable income stream for your bed and breakfast

Coolit - Take the burn out of sunburn

Coolit – Take the burn out of sunburn

What sets your bed and breakfast apart from the larger hotels is the personal attention you pay to your guests. Guests return year after year because they enjoy your personal touch, your attention to detail and especially the fact that you cater to what they need.

And what often ruins a good night’s stay is sunburn. The thing about sunburn is that you really don’t know you have burnt until you get into a shower or bath at night. That is when you begin to realise you have sunburnt. And the majority of guests seldom have their own after sun lotion ready at that stage. Normally they have to wait until the morning to visit a pharmacy. But that generally results in a very uncomfortable nights sleep.

Coolit is a world class after burn lotion. It takes the burn out of sunburn immediately, cools the skin and actually aids in reversing the damage done by sunburn – if applied soon enough. Using Coolit provides immediate relief from burn and also long term relief which means a better night sleep.

Coolit - Take the burn out of sunburn

Coolit – Take the burn out of sunburn

We are making Coolit available to Bed and breakfasts, because you are the ones who care about your guests and who take an interest in ensuring they have a great holiday. When they come in sunburnt and you care about them and also want to help.

We provide sachet sized samples of Coolit which you can give to your guests when you notice they are burnt. We guarantee that if they use Coolit after their bath or shower, they will return to reception to purchase a tube from you. And they will be grateful to you for your care and attention.

Coolit is supplied in tubes of 10 and for each box you purchase you are given 20 sample sachets for free.

Trust Coolit. The product sells itself and it also ensures a happy guest who gets a good nights rest, even if they caught too much sun that day.

For further information, or to order your Coolit, please call 082 888 3223 for information on the agent in your area.

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