Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss

How cinnamon diet benefits weight loss-

What makes cinnamon so good in the diet

Cinnamon is a powder, or sticks, created from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. It has been used for centuries as a powerful healing agent as was imported into Egypt in 2000BC already. It is even mentioned in the bible as is one of the holy incenses used in the tabernacle. It is widely used as a culinary spice and is even used in the manufacture of chocolate. In the west, we most often use the spice in sweet dishes, loaves and desserts.

How Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss – the studies

Cinnamon benefits weight loss in three ways –

  1. It improves glucose metabolism
  2. Reduces visceral fats whilst increasing brown adipose fats
  3. Combats insulin resistance

How cinnamon diet benefits weight loss though improving glucose metabolism

Your body needs energy. That is why we eat, in a nutshell. Glucose metabolism is the way in which the cell turns sugar into energy. The better the cells are at converting glucose to energy, the more energy we have. To measure how well the cells are turning glucose into energy scientists measure how much glucose is left in the blood at a point in time. The more glucose left in the blood, the less glucose the cells have converted. This measurement is called FBG or fasting blood glucose levels.

In a study published by The Journal of Traditional Medicine, researchers measure FBG levels in two groups of rats, one fed on cinnamon and one that got no cinnamon.The results of the study – for the rats who were fed cinnamon were as follows:

Cinnamon decreased serum levels of fasting blood glucose and insulin as well as body weight in mice

So not only did the fasting glucose levels decrease – which meant the mice produced more energy and therefore probably had more energy and felt better, but the mice who were fed cinnamon actually lost weight.

Cinnamon Diet Benefits Weight Loss

Cinnamon Diet Benefits Weight Loss

How Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss – it reduces visceral fats whilst increasing brown adipose tissues or fats

There are two kinds of fats cells in the body – commonly known as white and brown fat. White fat – called visceral fats are fats cells which store large fat molecules. Brown fat cells store small fat molecules. The function of white cells is merely to store fat, but the function of brown fat cells is actually to use the fat its stored to produce energy. So brown fat cells actually burn fats while white cells just store fat.

In a study published by the Journal of Nutritional Science, researches fed two groups of mice a high fat, high sugar diet. One group was given cinnamon with their diet, the other group was not. The results of the research were as follows:

… the addition of cinnamon diminishes visceral fat deposition …, in part by stimulating interscapular brown adipose tissue

So cinnamon actually encouraged more of the fat burning fat cells and reduced the fat storing white cells – which means burning more calories just by adding cinnamon!

How Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss – Cinnamon combats insulin resistance

One of the major problems with obesity is insulin resistance. Insulin is a chemical the body produces which allows the cells to turn glucose into energy. For some reason, the cells in the body stop being sensitive to insulin which means that the cells cannot efficiently produce energy from the glucose that is in the blood stream. This is one of the major reasons why obese patients tend to be tired all the time. And its sad because a lot of them feel or are told that they are lazy, when it has nothing to do with being lazy, it has to do with the body not functioning properly! It is a real disease and one that is debilitating.

In a study of normal weight and obese adults, the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics found some of the patients were given 6g of sugar with their cereal in the morning. (That is about 2 teaspoons). The study found that

cinnamon may be effective in moderating postprandial glucose response in normal weight and obese adults.”

In plain english – the addition of a teaspoon of cinnamon to daily cereal was able to effectively help in combating insulin resistance – which means the cells were better at producing energy which means that the people who had the cinnamon had more energy – both the “normal” weight patients as well as those who were overweight.

Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss – easy ways to add cinnamon to your diet

Cinnamon can be used in its stick or ground form. if using the sticks be sure to steep the sticks for long enough. In its ground form, it can be added to cereals, to your morning tea, to vegetables and stews, to curries and even to your favorite smoothy. In an apple smoothy – it gives you tat just baked apple pie feeling too.

Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss – other health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only great for weight loss either. There are literally hundreds of studies on the use of cinnamon as a healthy herb. Cinnamon has been found to:

  1. 1. Reduce LDL cholesterol levels – the bad cholesterol
  2. 2. Effective at killing H.Pylori bacteria – the bacteria which cause ulcers
  3. 3. Effective at treating the pain due to arthritis
  4. 4. Can help with menstrual pain
  5. 5. Can aid in treatment of certain cancers

So, cinnamon diet benefits weight loss as well as overall general health. And it tastes so good and brings back memories of Grandma’s kitchen to boot. Definitely a tool worth adding to your daily diet.

Please share this with friends who are fighting the weight loss battle. Cinnamon diet benefits weight loss by giving your more energy, increasing the carbs you burn and fighting insulin resistance. For more ways on how to add cinnamon to your diet, you can download our free fat busting foods guide with over 30 foods and 200 recipes.

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