The nutritional value of cauliflower for weight loss

Cauliflower for Weight loss

Cauliflower for weight loss is a must for any healthy diet or to speed up your weight loss efforts. It’s such a versatile vegetable and its so super simple to prepare too. Raw or cooked, it is really very inexpensive and makes a super side dish as well as a main ingredient for salads and stews.

Cauliflower for weight loss

How cauliflower for weight loss works

Cauliflower boosts weight loss by:

  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Keeping you feeling fuller for longer
  • Combating fatigue – which means you have more energy to burn more calories
  • Fighting Leptin resistance
  • Being high in fiber which keeps your stomach clean

You may have heard of cauliflower rice. Well cauliflower, because it has such a mild taste, makes the perfect base food for stews so it makes the perfect rice substitute. Using Cauliflower for weight loss means that a cup of cauliflower rice contains 200 calories less than a cup of regular white rice. And its not just the calorie savings that matter.

How Cauliflower for weight loss really works.

Cauliflower actually contains chemicals which tell the brain to burn fat instead of storing it because cauliflower fights leptin resistance. Leptin levels are what regulate whether the body burns or stores fat. The brain uses leptin levels to decide if we should store or burn fat. Our modern lifestyle has led to a large number of people suffering from Leptin resistance which means that with dome dieters – no matter what they eat – they keep storing fat and gaining weight.

Using fat busting foods to boost your weight loss and fight the symptoms that are preventing you from loosing those pounds can seem very complicated. Things which can prevent you from losing weight include leptin resistance, insulin resistance, insufficient oxygen, insufficient water. When you begin to read up about the factors that affect metabolism, you soon start to think you need a medical degree to understand and get on top of this stuff.

But the truth is that its actually quite easy to understand how certain foods affect your metabolism and how to use those foods to help you lose weight and keep it off. You can find out all about 30 fat busting foods in our free guide. The guide will take you step by step on how to boost your weight loss and how to get out of the diet cycle forever. It shows you what factors affect metabolism and how to choose the foods which will boost your metabolism the most. Because there is no such thing as a “one diet fits all” but there is a perfect diet for you. And you don’t need to be a nutritionist to figure out what works best for you.

To download your copy of the free Fat Busting Foods Guide, click here.

Here are some awesome recipes for cauliflower to help you boost your weight loss and switch your body to fat burning mode:

  • Cauliflower Rice Recipe
  • Cauliflower Broccoli Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

Cauliflower for weight loss will save your money, time and pounds. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed



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