Can guys get breast cancer?

Can Guys Get Breast Cancer – The sugar cancer link

When we think of breast cancer, we think mainly of women, but the truth is men are at risk too. And with link between cancer and sugar becoming more and more evident, chances are we will see more of these cases unless the health organizations start warning people of the dangers of eat sugar and refined carbohydrates.

FatherSonLakeCancerOne of the biggest risk factors for cancer is MD or mammographic density. In a new study published in the BMC medical journal, researchers have shown a direct link between the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and the MD density of patients. The conclusion of the study was that:

” …results suggest that an increase in sweet foods or sugar-sweetened beverage intake is associated with higher MD.”

This is certainly not the first sugar study we have reported and nor is it the last study that will most likely confirm a link between sugar and cancer. The sad fact is that the sugar cancer link has been known since the 1930’s when Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the prize for discovering that cancer uses a special fermentation process to live off glucose as a result of sugar or refined carbohydrates.

Another risk factor for breast cancer is estrogen.

Can guys get cancer – The oestrogen cancer link

Another big risk factor for cancer is estrogen or oestrogen levels. Although males generally tend to have lower estrogen levels and therefore don’t get breast cancer as much as women do, that may be set to change. In an article published in the Mail Online today, the 30th of June 2014, the mail points out that the estrogen found in drinking water as a result of pollution could place an entire generations fertility at risk. And that is not the only risk posed by the increased estrogen’s present in our drinking water. The mail online are calling this an environmental crisis, but we could be facing more than an environmental crisis. We could be facing a whole generation of men who are more prone to getting breast cancer too.

If you add sugar and estrogen together, chances are we will be seeing more and more cases of male breast cancer at some time in the future. If you combine the rising levels of estrogen due to estrogen being found in water samples, and one would think the number of men being affected by breast cancer is bound to increase.

At the moment male breast cancer is rare and accounts for about 1% of all breast cancer diagnosis. In the UK about 370 men are diagnosed with breast cancer per year out of the 48 400 cases of breast cancer cases diagnosed. If you are one of the 370 though then statistics are no comfort.

It must surely be time to spread information about male breast cancer to make men aware of the fact that guys can get breast cancer.

The risks for getting breast cancer include:

  • High estrogen levels
  • Being exposed to radiation
  • And a diet high in sugar or refined carbohydrates.

Therapy for breast cancer according the “official channels” are the same for breast cancer patients whether they are men or women. Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery with surgery being the treatment of choice where it comes to treating males diagnosed with breast cancer.

But like all other cancer therapies, just because those are the “official” approaches, doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives or that you have to choose a mainstream approach to the disease. If you have been diagnosed with the disease, then make sure you research your options carefully, and make sure you believe that the therapy and the route you have chosen is the right one for you.

Part of beating the cancer is beating the cancer mindset. Cancer is not a death sentence. Cancer can be cured. And belief in your doctor and the therapy you have chosen plays an important part in beating the disease.

Another factor to bear in mind is that cancer patients seldom die of the cancer. What they die from in most cases is the Cachexia that is associated with cancer. For an outline of what cachexia is, read our “What is cachexia” article. For a list of symptoms can causes you can read, “The Symptoms and Causes of Cachexia

For more cancer related articles you can read:

So can guys get cancer? Yes. Should be warning them. Hell yes. And should we be concerned about our drinking water and the increasing levels of estrogen. Yes Again. So please share. Let’s start educating our guys.






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