Camomile cream recipe

An easy camomile cream recipe

Making your own camomile cream recipe

Camomile cream recipe

Creams generally need an emulsifier to work, but this camomile cream recipe is fairly simple to make and you can substitute any of the herbs to make the cream. Using camomile to make a face or hand cream is a great way to ensure you’re breathing in the healing scents of the camomile – especially if you use the cream after a nice long bath before bed.

How you can use your Camomile cream recipe to help you to lose weight

Sufficient sleep is vital for a healthy metabolism, and using herbs like lavender and camomile can greatly enhance the quantity and quality of the sleep you are getting. Women who sleep less than 6 hours a night are more prone to gain weight and also more prone to obesity. There are also more prone to developing some cancers – including breast cancer so it is imperative that you get enough sleep. To read more about sleep and metabolism read our article “sleep to lose weight

What you need for this camomile cream recipe

250ml of a good herbal infusion – you can make this a strong one since you are not drinking the infusion. To make it just steep a few table spoons of camomile herb in boiling water and allow it to cool. Leave it overnight if possible.

1 tsp glycerine – you can buy this at most pharmacies or heal stores

175ml herbal infused oil (or plain base oil). Sweet almond oil makes a good base oil and to infuse the oil steep a few tablespoons of herb in the oil overnight.

75g Coconut oil – also available at most pharmacies or health stores
25g beeswax

How to make your camomile cream recipe

Using a double boiler – or placing the oil, coconut oil and beeswax in a plastic container, melt the oils. Over a double boiler allow the oils to melt but do not overheat. In a microwave, heat the oils and waxes for 10 seconds at a time until they are just starting to melt and then stir them. Do not overheat the oils.

Once the oils are mixed together well and they have cooled slightly, throw them into your blender. Blend together the oils until they turn a creamy color. – Do not blend them too long or allow the oils to set.

When the mixture turns a creamy colour, slowly add the herbal infusion and glycerine (they have been mixed together at this stage). Blend slowly adding the water in a constant stream until all the water has been blended into the oil base.

Pour/scoop into tubs and allow the cream to set

Camomile is well known for its benefits in aiding sleep, but it is also an antiseptic and it has anti-inflammatory  qualities as well Рso it works well in creams. To make sure you do not have a reaction to the camomile cream recipe Рuse a small amount of your cream on the inner arm just above the hand first to test if there are any reactions.

Sleep is also essential in cancer care as well as weight loss. To see how camomile can aid in these, please read the relevant articles.

We hope you enjoyed our simple camomile cream recipe. Please let us know how your cream turns out.



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