Breast Cancer Facts – Why this amazing food should be on your plate

Breast Cancer Facts – It’s not only about the treatment

More and more science is showing that nutritional strategies are important where it comes to the treatment of cancers. Studies show its important for breast cancer in particular. New treatment methods and scientific research in complementary therapies means more people are survivors. Take the research in therapy for example. Studies show that therapies like mindfulness stress based reduction or MSBR do more than treat depression. They actually lead to less fatigue, less pain and increased survival times.

Breast Cancer Facts BroccoliNutrition is one of the areas where science is proving that breast cancer treatment. Treatment is not only about the chemotherapy and drugs.

Breast Cancer Facts – Humble Broccoli and Cauliflower research

First let’s take a look at some of the causes of cancer. Other systems interact with the increase or reduction of cancer. Inflammation has an important role to play in the cancer cycle. Inflammation has been found to be one of the potential causes of cancer. Inflammation has also been shown to be one of the ways that cancer grows. Inflammation creates a blood supply for cancer.  Inflammation helps it to spreads. So controlling inflammation is one of the keys to treating cancer. Along with killing it of course.

This is where broccoli enters the picture. Broccoli, those delicious green florets that can be eaten raw or steamed for best results. Broccoli has been shown to actually fight inflammation. Take this study of more than 1000 Chinese women. Women who ate substantially more cruciferous vegetables had much less inflammation. This would mean less pain too.

Now that on its own may be good enough reason to eat two or three servings a day of cruciferous veggies, but the studies don’t stop there.

Another study followed woman with breast cancer over a five year period. The studied divided the women into four groups. One of the groups that had two to three servings of broccoli and other cruciferous veggies a day. These women had a 62% reduction in death. They also had a 32% reduction in breast cancer recurrence.

There is also another study with similar results. This study found that women who had a large intake of broccoli had a 52% reduction in recurrence. They are broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables.

Breast Cancer Facts – They don’t only work for breast cancer

The studies on cruciferous vegetables don’t stop at breast cancer either. Chemotherapy often leads to inflammation. This can lead to cell death or necrosis. It turns out that these amazing vegetables actually protect the body from this type of necrosis.

Breast Cancer Facts - CabbageThe studies are amazing on the benefits of these vegetables.

  • There 83 studies on the effects of broccoli on breast cancer
  • There are 10 studies on bladder cancer
  • 84 on Colon cancer
  • 13 on Ovarian cancer
  • 80 on Prostrate cancer

Breast Cancer Facts – Don’t give up your treatment

The above facts are by no means a reason to give up your therapy. They are just a great example of how eating the right foods can support treatment. Supporting your treatment with complementary therapies can help to increase the efficacy of your chosen therapy.

The effects of these vegetables are not limited to broccoli either. Here are the statistics on cabbage:

  • 489 studies on cabbage and its effects on cancer
  • 12 studies on cabbage and bladder cancers
  • 70 studies on cabbage and breast cancer
  • 70 studies on cabbage and colon cancer
  • 4 studies on ovarian cancer
  • 49 studies on colon cancer

Breast Cancer Facts – Its about a holistic approach

The bottom line is that cancer is not only about killing the cancer cells. There are a number of different systems that form part of any cancer. As mentioned above, inflammation forms one of the keys to treating and beating cancer. But inflammation is only one part of the puzzle. Detoxification is also an important link in the cancer puzzle.

Detoxification is important because in cancer the liver is under enormous strain. It has to filter the blood and it has to create enough energy for the body. Cancer cells are ravenous and they demand more and more energy from the body. Placing extra strain on the liver by having a colon full of toxins makes it hard for the liver to cope. That may be part of the fatigue suffered by cancer patients in general.

Detoxification can include colon cleansing as well as a consistent detox strategy including foods that aid detox. Broccoli just happens to be one of the foods that is great for supporting the liver. It is great for detox.

Breast Cancer Facts Kale

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables actually promote phase I and phase II enzymes. These are the chemicals that help the liver to dissolve and get rid of toxins. A study found that cruciferous vegetables actually promote phase I and phase II enzymes and these help regulate carcinogens. In other words these awesome veggies help the liver remove cancerous cells from the body through detoxification.

Broccoli has also been found to be a powerful antioxidant.

Breast Cancer Facts – Broccoli has anti-cancer properties

And if you still need a reason to add broccoli to your diet, then the last few studies should provide all the reason you need. Broccoli actually posses anti-cancer properties. It causes cancerous cells to die by inducing apoptosis. In other words it causes cancer cells to commit suicide.

From delicious coleslaw to the broccoli, apple and apple cider vinegar salad, Broccoli not only makes a tasty addition to your diet but is packed full of nutrients. As an addition to a healthy anti-cancer diet, it should definitely form part of a healthy cancer diet.

If you don’t like Broccoli and cauliflower then why not take advantage of Enfuz – it contains 100mg of the cruciferous vegetables mentioned above in a simple convenient supplement.

For more information on cancer, you can read:

For those of you fighting breast cancer – remember. Cancer is a passport to a whole new life. It is not a death sentence. Knowing the breast cancer facts, how nutrition, therapy and other forms of complementary therapy can help you fight the disease and help you limit the side effects can really help you to celebrate being a survivor.

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Know the breast cancer facts and beat the disease.

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