Banana Weight Loss Tips and Advice

Banana weight loss tips

banana weight loss

banana weight loss

If you’ve been through your over ripe Bananas in the garbage then stop. They make the most delicious, nutritious and fat busting ice-cream. And you can add ingredients to make the far busting ice cream even more delicious. Add some cocoa for a double fat busting ice-cream. Add fat busting peanut butter for an awesome taste experience. Or top with some blueberries to add even more fat busting properties.

Banana weight loss properties

Bananas are great for weight loss because this fruit contains almost no fat making it a fat free snack that comes already packed and ready to go. Bananas are high in magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6 which helps with blood pressure as well as helping to avoid heart disease.

They are high in fibre so eating a banana makes you feel fuller for longer – so help you prevent food cravings. Bananas have a low glycemic index which means the carbohydrates it has are released slowly into the body which means they do not cause glucose spikes and thus cravings.

Bananas are truly a nutritionally balanced diet snack, they are filling, good for energy and great for keeping handy when the munchies attack.

Banana weight loss ideas for your diet:

What Bananas will do for your diet:

  • Almost fat free snack
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Helps to prevent heart disease
  • Low in sodium and cholesterol
  • Low in fat
  • Low Glycemic index – prevent glucose spikes and thus sugar cravings
  • High in fibre – make you feel fuller longer

Banana weight loss – How to add bananas to your diet

This is one of the easiest snack foods to keep around if you are trying to lose weight. They even come in their own package! But bananas also make great baking ingredients as well as ingredients for sweet delicious treats like banana ice cream.

This is part of your free fat busting guide. Click here to download it now and experience the power of banana weight loss in your diet.

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