Back Pain Relief Machine

Back Pain Relief Machine – How PEMF Works

You may not have heard of Royal Raymond Rife but PEMF has become a hot topic lately. It even made an appearance on the Dr. Oz show:

PEMF is not new but it is highly effective against a number of chronic conditions like constant back pain, arthritis and restless legs. The PEMF device from Rife PEMF is now available for rental in South Africa. These machines have been available for the last twenty years but rental of the devices is new and the rental option makes this state of the art technology available to everyone.

Back Pain Relief Machine

You no longer have to live with Back Pain

So how do Back Pain Relief Machine Work?

It’s explained in the Dr. Oz show but essentially the magnetic frequencies generated by these devices affect how the cells work. The frequencies also increase circulation at the site of injury. This provides short term relief from pain and in the long term, constant use of a PEMF device can actually improve and heal the site of injury. Long term use means you have a chance of actually healing the injury and literally walking away from your back pain.

Back Pain Relief Machine – Improving circulation


Circulation plays a vital role in healing an injury. Blood brings the vital nutrients required to support and promote healing. By increasing circulation at the site of injury in cases like back pain, the injury can be healed in the long term. This means no more treatments or medications may be necessary after using the machine for longer periods.

Increased circulation also means your body can remove debris and toxins from the site of injury therefore supporting and aiding the healing process.

PEMF is so effective at supporting and promoting bone health, that large versions of these devices are now used in hospitals to support and promote optimal bone growth in certain types of fractures, The Rife Model SA hoe device makes this technology available to you in the comfort of your own home to help support and promote optimal bone health and to help you reduce the pain you have without drugs.

Back Pain Relief Machine – Stimulating Cells

The pulsed magnetic fields produced by the machine improve cell health and encourage optimal cell function. When you cells are functioning properly they can also contribute to the healing of injury at the site of the injury.

Because pulsed electromagnetic fields are delivered via electrodes, these electrodes can be placed at the site of the injury to speed and aid healing.

Back Pain Relief Machine – Improving nervous system response

The PEMF Model SA is designed to stimulate the nervous system to function at more effective levels, therefore offering often immediate relief from spinal or back pain.

Back pain relief machine

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