Avocado Weight Loss Benefits

The Amazing Avocado Weight Loss Benefits

Avocado Weight loss benefits

Avocado Weight loss benefits

Avocados are a versatile ingredient for any healthy diet but Avocado is also an awesome fat busting food that helps you burn fat in a number of different ways.

Avocado Weight Loss Benefits in a nutshell:

Its easy to learn to harness the power of Avocado to boost your weight loss. Research proves that avocados are:

  • Rich in MUFAs which help burn fat
  • Rich in carbohydrates which combat insulin resistance
  • Rich in anti-oxidants which benefit the body
  • Promotes good cholesterol whilst fighting bad cholesterol
  • Helps to make you feel full for longer
  • Combats inflammation and joint pain
  • Helps to fight leptin resistance

So how do you harness Avocado weight loss benefits?

Well first God put avos in their own prepackaged skin so they make an awesome snack to take to work for lunch. Of course they make a great salad ingredient. Guacamole uses avo as the prime ingredient which makes guacamole a great choice for toppings on your favorite dishes – and try it on fish! you’ll be surprised.

Another use for avocado for weight loss benefits is to make the Avocado chocolate mousse. Now I know you’re saying …. chocolate mousse – you’re joking right. But its true. Add avocado to your food processor with cocoa powder, honey, yoghurt and almond milk or your choice of milk for a totally delicious decadent dessert. And the yoghurt and cocoa also have fat burning properties.

Because Avocado fights both leptin resistance and insulin resistance, it means that it is a double fat buster. It will keep you feeling full, help to avoid those sugar cravings, and tel your body to burn more fat instead of storing it.

Avocado benefits also include reduced inflammation and pain which also makes it a really healthy addition to your diet regime. And of course its rich in anti-oxidants which helps you stay healthy, fight disease and even fights aging. In fact its so good at that, that a lot of skin products use avocado to maintain skin health.

More information on Avocado weight loss benefits

For more tips on how to harness Avocado weight loss benefits and also recipes like avocado mousse, salmon with avocado sauce, spicy avocado dip, feel free to download our free fat busting guide. With over 30 fat busting foods and how to use them to bust those pounds, we hope you’ll start adding fat busting ingredients to your diet to feel healthier and better.

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