Apple weight loss benefits

How apple weight loss benefits can help you

“An apple a day, keeps the pounds away” – okay so that saying’s not quite the right one but in this case it’s the truth. Apples are a great natural weight loss tool that you can add to your diet and they are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner adding a touch of natural sweetness and zing to any meal.

Apple weight loss benefits

Weight loss Benefits of Apples

Apple Weight loss benefits

Apples are rich in fiber in the form of pectin. Pectin is great for making you feel full and feel fuller for longer. The apples also contain quercetin which is an anti-oxidant as well as helping to carry oxygen to the lungs. The skin of an apple is loaded with nutrients. It’s rich in vitamins A and C; minerals like calcium, potassium, folate, iron, and phosphorus; and antioxidants.

A medium apple contains just 95 calories which makes it a super efficient snack for those of you counting calories

  • Apples contain lots of fiber
  • Apples contain lots of vitamin C and A
  • Apples contain lots of pectin – so you feel fuller for longer
  • Apples contain Quercetin to aid in exercise
  • Apples contain anti-oxidants which help in fighting the free radicals which cause aging
  • Apples boost immune system
  • Apples contain ursolic acid which was linked to a lower risk of obesity

Apples are a great snack to take a long to the office or on the car because they come in their own handy packaging too! They are the kind of grab and go snack that will keep you going faster and longer.

Apple weight loss benefits – recipes

Apple weight loss benefitsApples are great in overnight oats with cinnamon for ad added fat busting boost as well. To make your own apple and cinnamon flavored overnight oats, place half a cubed apple and a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in the microwave for about a minute until the apple is soft and yummy. Then add about half a cup of oats and half a cup of natural yoghurt with the apple and place int eh fridge overnight.


Cinnamon apples are also a great fat busting dessert idea with homemade cinnamon granola for a crunchy topping.

For more fat busting information and recipes you can download your own Fat Busting Foods Guide here.


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