Anti Cancer Foods – The Truth About Lemons and Cancer

Anti Cancer Foods – What they can and cannot do

I’ve seen a lot of posts about anti cancer foods claiming that things like lemons and other anti cancer foods are 10 000 times more powerful than chemotherapy. When these posts actually refer to real research – most of them don’t – then they are generally taking the research out of context. The problem starts because the research process is misunderstood. When scientists isolate an ingredient from something like a lemon and then test it under laboratory conditions, they are generally testing a very concentrated form of that ingredient. In other words, they often create a compound that is the equivalent of dozens or even hundreds of lemons. So when the results show that one ingredient is more powerful than chemotherapy, it doesn’t mean eating lemons is 10 000 times more powerful than chemotherapy. You’d have to eat hundreds of lemons to get the same results and that would be virtually impossible.

whole lemon on white backgroundBut that doesn’t mean that ingredients are useless or that they can’t help you in your battle against cancer. In fact the opposite is true. Because scientists are generally testing only one ingredient in the lemon and lemons have hundreds of powerful ingredients that can help you beat cancer. And the truth is that cancer is a complex disease. Killing the cancer cells is just part of the puzzle. Most oncologists agree that other factors like nutrition, sleep, the immune system, toxins and detox and general health all have a big role to play in successful outcome of treatment.

That is why it is important as a cancer patient to see the whole disease in context. Like a big puzzle, you need to understand each piece of the puzzle, see if that piece affects your particular situation and also be able to see the big cancer picture. We ahve a free course that will take you step by step through the process of putting the puzzle together. You can sign up for your free mini cancer course here.

But back to lemons. Lemons are a powerful weapon in your arsenal against cancer. Not because they are 10 000 times more powerful than chemo but because lemons actually address a few of the key factors that create, spread or encourage cancer.

Anti Cancer Foods – How lemons help you fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a direct cause of cancer. Inflammation actually creates the environment for cancer to start by creating toxins within an area in the body. These toxins can damage DNA and create precancerous cells that can grow into cancer. So inflammation is a vital key to fighting cancer now and eliminating cancer in future.

Lemons are well studied and well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. The liminoids in lemons are both powerful anti-oxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory which is why it’s a good idea to start with warm lemon tea or warm lemon water first thing in the morning. There is also research to suggest that compounds in lemon last for hours in the body when taken with green tea.

Here is some real research on how lemons fight inflammation:

  • Lemon protects the liver from toxicity and inflammation in a lab study
  • Lemon regulated inflammatory chemicals in a lab study
  • Lemon reduced liver inflammation in rats
  • A review of lemons found that lemons are powerful anti-inflammatory foods

These are all real world studies. For references to these studies, please feel free to download the Anti Cancer Foods – Lemons PDF here or sign up for the FREE cancer fighting foods course from

But lemons are not just powerful anti-inflammatory foods. Lemons also help you to take care of some of the other keys areas that affect cancer treatment – like detoxification.

Anti Cancer Foods – How Lemons Aid Detox

Toxic build-up within the body is another direct cause of cancer. Toxins damage DNA which can create pre-cancerous cells or an environment that is perfect for cancer to grow and thrive. Toxins are also responsible for most of the symptoms you experience as a cancer patient – the pain, swelling, nausea and fatigue can all be exacerbated by the toxins within the body. This is why detox is vital for all cancer patients.

Lemons play a huge role in helping the body to detoxify. Lemons aid digestion and help to cleanse the colon which is essential for the detoxification process. Lemons also encourage the liver to produce phase I and phase II enzymes which supports the liver in removing toxins from the body. And lemons protect the liver – so the liver can function properly.

Here are some studies on Lemon and Detox:

  • Lemon protects the liver in a study on rats
  • In a lab study lemons stimulated digestion and prolonged the effects of green tea
  • Lemons kill bacteria and help to cleanse the colon
  • Lemons encourage the liver to produce phase I and phase II enzymes to help with toxin removal

Once again, the references for the above studies are available in the PDF and in the free Cancer fighting foods course.

Anti Cancer Foods – How Lemons Kill Cancer

Lemons have amazing power to fight cancer and to inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Although not a cure on its own as explained above, lemon offers huge benefits as part of a cancer fighting diet due to its anti-inflammatory, digestive and detoxification effects, along with killing cancer cells and stopping the spread of cancer.

Here are some of the studies that show you how lemons kill cancer:

  • Lemons stopped breast cancer from multiplying in a lab study
  • Lemons stopped the multiplication of and killed colon cancer cells in a lab study –
  • Lemons killed pancreatic cancer cells in a lab study
  • Lemon killed leukemia lung, breast and stomach cancer cells in a lab study
  • Lemon killed breast cancer cells in a lab study
  • Lemon reduced bladder cancer risk in a lab study
  • Lemon stopped chondrosarcome from spreading in a lab study
  • Lemon killed liver cancer cells in a lab study
  • Lemon stopped the spread of bladder cancer cells in a lab study

Anti Cancer Foods Adding Lemons to Your Cancer Strategy

The simplest way to harness to power of lemon in your fight against cancer is to begin each day with a mug of warm lemon water and green tea. All you need to do is add the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon to your mug of green tea or add a tablespoon of lemon juice to your tea and drink that before you eat or drink anything else. This will help you:

  • Fight Inflammation
  • Detox the body
  • Regulate the pH
  • Fight cancer

You can also read about foods like Turmeric and Cancer Treatment here or how ginger can help you with chemotherapy side effects. Factors like sleep can also affect your treatment outcome. To read more about sleep read – Lung cancer treatment options – can lack of sleep kill you. Foods herbs and spices are powerful allies in your fight against cancer.

If you are looking for a natural way to fight cancer, why not Essiac:

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